30 Jul 2015

SWC #5 The Troupe

So once again Ashely does this link up at at her blog, and you should check out all of its awesomeness, including her use of the prompt, which was fabulous. Ends tomorrow people

I tried to keep a neutral expression, as Charlie sauntered over. A choked laugh escapes, as I stare at the animal he is leading behind him.The bubblegum pink coat was a showstopper. It clashed with the tacky yellow mane and tale. The stubby horn set over it's baby blue eyes, left no mystery as to its classification.

"A Bloody Unicorn," Peter spat, somehow managing to put my thoughts into words.

Charlie patted it's flank and shrugged, " I couldn't find a dragon on sale." Completely unapologetic. "She seemed right."

Peter pulled his flask out of his leather coat, and held it out to me. I shook my head and he took a long swig. Exasperation evident in his wide eyes.

 "We are questing, Charlie, Questing." I squeezed my eyes shut as I tried to understand his reasoning. "How is this, practically fluorescent beast supposed to help." I can't even stare at her for longer than a minute without getting a headache. " I mean she is not really inconspicuous."

I grabbed Peter's flask and take a swig. He raises an eyebrow in my direction, and gives me a small smirk.

"He's your Hatter." he says, as if the whole affair is my fault.

I choke down the burning liquid. "For Heavens sake, Peter what did I just drink."

Peter grabs back the flask and takes another slug, he licks his teeth and shudders, "Taste like wolf's bane, with a little touch of.-cough- Ver..vaine."

" Are you touched, your a vampire, stupid." I try to grab the flask from him, but he tucks it back into his coat.

"There is also some whiskey, so it is diluted." He belches, and winks.

"Your diluted, you bloodsucker." I mutter, I look at Charlie who is feeding his new pet, an apple. He looks outrageously pleased. "Her name is Candy, and I thought she would come in handy."

"By all the saints, if you start rhyming again." Peter hissed looking murderous.

"Charlie, you have to return it." I said folding my arms to let him know, I was serious. As serious as one could be looking at a pink unicorn.

"I can't Isabella." He said imploringly flashing me his trademark grin. It promised misfortune, and adventures. It was something I was never able to resist.

" I for one will not be caught dead on such an animal." Peter said with hardened conviction.

"You are in fact dead. " Charlie countered with a devilish look.

"I would never hear the end of it, Grandfather would disown me. I would be known as Dracula's disgraced grandson." He squinted at the steed, "Perhaps if it were red."

"Now that would be tacky," Charlie laughed, pulling at his laced sleeves.

"Fine," I near shouted, " We will take the unicorn. Peter do us all a favor, and go be a bat."

There, hope you all enjoyed. I finally got to introduce you to my new character who's name is licensed to change. Peter, my vampire. Who actually doesn't want to be a vampire. Yes, his character model is a guyliner wearing David Tennant.

Sorry for the shirtlessness


  1. This made me laugh out loud. A pink unicorn instead of a dragon - I love it! I always enjoy reading snippets of your writing. You have a knack for making the characters jump right off the page and into my head. :)

    1. Thank you, I decided just to have fun with this one. :D really, that makes me so happy.

  2. Haha! I love the banter here.

    ". . . it is diluted."
    "You're diluted. . ."

    I love that part. :)

    And I like Peter too. He has an icy temperament.

    1. Thanks, Ashely I am glad you liked it.
      He is too, :D very icy.

  3. This is so good! I love how exasperated the main character is, while having to deal with a unicorn, a hatter, and a vampire! (love those vampires ;D) You're so good at witty banter, too. "I for one would not be caught dead on such an animal." "You're already dead." EXCELLENT.

    1. He he, she is always exasperated. The vampires were for you ;)
      Aww Thanks.

  4. This was so funny! I would have kept reading if there had been more!

    1. Thank you so much, I am glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Gah! I meant to comment on this days ago! But OH MY WORD THIS WAS THE BEST. The unicorn and all the banter and wit! I am seriously dying. Your characters are always so alive and hilarious!

    I'm kind of already in love with Peter. And that gif... *dead*

    1. Omigoodness Christine, you comments are always so sweet. :D
      Thank you, He he, he loves the attention.

  6. This made me smile and I needed that today. Thank you.

    / Avy

    1. I'm glad it made you smile.
      :D Your Welcome.

  7. This was awesome!! Hahahaha love it. X) I think I've asked this before from a previous prompt, but are these characters from an existing story, or did you make them up for the prompt(s)? I love them, either way. XD

    OMG THAT GIF I love guyliner a little too much I'm leaving now goodbye

    1. Thank you so much. :)
      Yes, they are from an existing story, i have been cooking up.
      I know me too, I have always loved David Tennant but the guyliner is just like, wow.