2 Oct 2015

My Five Magic Spindles Entry

This post is long over due.
Partly due to my move, partly due to the fact that I have only written about 500 words in my story.
I like sharing snippets, but I don't have many to share. It is going somewhere, the ideas have arrived, and the world is forming.
I was freaking out a bit at first because it wasn't unfolding like my Beauty&Beast retelling. None of the character's were formed and it seemed generic, boring even.
No worries, it somehow fixed itself with a mix of coffee and prayer.
I now have a tentative outline in my mind ( I have a mind palace guys, it's safe)


So, my entry is different and honestly I didn't like it at first. It was the only idea I had so I went with it. You can find a synopsis here Show and Tell
Along with a lot of other entrants stories and synopsis. Check them out!

My story, 'Kiss My Eyes' is about a 14 year old girl who has cancer and is facing an operation. The story itself is her fantasy world she creates. A tale that mirrors her own life.
There is a bit of gender bending, and a diverse cast of characters including an ogre boy, goblins, crazed fairies and a one very obstinate princess.
If anyone is interested in being Beta readers that would be awesome. Not for editing purposes, just for story input.
Here is one snippet.

I ignore the call from  Aden, my assumed friend. The assumption was his.
"Are you there?" I can tell by his tone that he has no intention of leaving.At least until he is rewarded with a response.
Which I am hesitant to give to the Jackanapes.
"No." I call back, "Go away."
"Ah, ha so you are there, Oh sullen princess." I hear scraping, he is probably attempting to climb the wall again.
I pull myself off my bed where I had been sulking, "Not sullen, imprisoned and cursed." I shout back.
His untrimmed head appears at my window, "Well than I shall have to break your curse with a kiss." He straddles the sill, and pursues his lips at me. His exaggerated motions sent him over the sill and onto the floor.
"Only a Prince's kiss will do, dolt." I spat, throwing my hair back saucily.- Kiss My Eyes



  1. Oh, its cute!!!! I love the title too.

  2. This sounds fascinating!! I would love to beta! Pick me! :D

    I hope it comes together well. I like the sound of the cast and Aden sounds hilarious! Also, I like how it's like a parallel world; those are always so awesome!

  3. Thanks Ashely, I pick you. :D
    You and me both. Aden is my favorite, he made me want to write it
    I'm glad you like it, I am trying to make it work. Fingers crossed.

    1. P. S. -- I tagged you for a, uh, tag (what else? XD). It's the #WritersLife tag.


  4. I love this! It sounds so creative and fun! I would LOVE to be a beta reader. I really hope you win (-:

    1. Thanks! :D I am so happy that you want to read it.
      Dawww, that is so nice of you to say.

  5. Innnnteresting! I'm glad you're writing more of it and that you have an idea of where it's going to go now! :D

    1. Thanks, me too I was really worried about it.

  6. Oh, this sounds very intriguing! :) I'd totally Beta-read for you, if you are still looking for people! Just lemme know... <3

    1. Thank you, That's great, most definitely. I like to get as many people as I can.
      Sure thing <3

  7. Your story description is so interesting, and that snippet was adorable! I am so curious about your story now, and I would love to beta read for you if you would like! :P

    1. Thank you so much! :D
      That's great I will add you to the list.

  8. Your mind palace seems very interesting. Mine is just a desk that has way too much information piled on top of it. It takes me hours to find something. XD
    "Kiss My Eyes" sounds like such a wonderful story! The synopsis sounds great and something I'd love to read, but I am absolutely swamped with my classes and wouldn't give great feedback other than very loud Internet fangirl squeals anyway. I utterly adore that last snippet, SO ADORABLE.
    One question though, I'm kinda confused on the genre of your story. Is it a fantasy or contemporary? Or a mix of both?

    1. Mine tends to misplace a lot of information as well. I'm lucky if I remember anything.
      Thanks! I'm glad you want to read it, I completely understand life can be crazy. I adore fangirl squealing, it's the best. :D That makes my day thanks.
      It's both I guess because parts are fantasy and parts are contemporary.

  9. I feel like a mix of coffee and prayer will fix most things. :P
    Loved the snippet! Your writing never fails to make me smile.

    1. It does,
      Omigoodness, thanks for saying that :D

  10. HOW DID I FORGET TO COMMENT. I was SURE I commented on this post! >.<

    Well, here I am now. Love the banter! (I always love banter.) They seem rather opposite, which makes for great character conflict. ;)

    "Oh sullen princess." XD

    I'd love to beta, I just can't promise timely responses. Hours are increasing at work to almost full-time over winter. But do send it my way and I'll see what I can do!

    1. Aww :) it happens.
      Thank you, I love writing banter, they are so opposite.
      :D She is so very sullen.
      Awesome, and no worries my responses to yours was anything but timely. You just taking time to read it makes me happy. I understand work, can be overwhelming. Thanks! I will add you to the list, I am going to send out the first chapter as soon as I edit it, Which probably won't be for a bit yet.

  11. LOOOOOOVE the snippet!!!!!!!!!