31 Oct 2015

Perks of Living with Your Bestfriend

It's been forever since my last post.
I finally moved, my family stayed with me for two weeks so it didn't really sink in at first.
I am really close to them all so saying goodbye was really hard. Harder than I expected it to be, and I have basically been an emotional wreck the past month, especially on Thanksgiving.
I have been writing a solid 500 words a day though so, that's something.

I have also been having tons of fun with my best friend, basically Netflix marathons and binge eating which leads to the purpose of this post.

Perks of Living with Your Best Friend

1. They throw chocolate at you when you're sad, (maybe this is just my friend, but she whips it. Chocolate can hurt)

2. Someone to laugh with about your life ( especially when you're both twenty one and jobless losers)

3. Every night is a slumber party ( we are like actual twelve year olds, we have been watching old 90's shows like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark, and eating bags of Halloween candy)

4. Constant Video Game Buddy ( Zelda, Halo, and Mine craft in other words we are never bored)

5. Someone who is up for anything, ( I wanted to go on the shed roof, to get pictures. She was like, "Kay" and let me stand on her shoulders. We're both short)

 6. Someone to get scared over stupid things with ( dumb shows, the dark, our futures)

7. Intense late night conversations ( that we both forget the next morning)

 8. Insults, insults all day long ( It's like a competition)

9. Having someone to be antisocial with (We both hate people and doing things, normal things like driving)

10. Just having someone who always has your back (Even when your wrong)

11. Someone who won't judge you ( No matter how much you eat)

So ya, that about sums it up, and sorry about the gif storm. I am just finishing up the last season of 'Boy Meets World' and I was feeling nostalgic.


  1. Aww, this is such a lovely post. Best friends are the best. I guess that's why they're called best friends...XD Good job on keeping up on your writing and best of luck living away from home! It has always scared me a bit, tbh. Speaking of scary, I totally agree with you about the dark and the future and a lot of other things... XD

    1. Thanks! Yes, yes they are :)
      It is terrifying and very sad, but I call and Skype my family almost everyday. So it isn't to bad, but i am still adjusting.
      Yes, in my mind the dark and the future have a lot in common.

  2. This is so great! XD It sounds like my best friend and me. I often stay with her for a week or two during Christmas and Summer breaks and we're like this all the time. Especially numbers 8, 9, and 11.

    I know moving was hard on you, so I'm so glad you have someone to support you through this and you're enjoying your time with your friend.

    Also, Boy Meets World gifs!!! :D I've been rewatching them, too! I haven't seen them in so long and it's been great. Love that show so much! The brotp with Cory and Shawn is the best. XD

    1. That's awesome, I'm glad you have a friend like that too, they are invaluable. My friend and I used to only see each other about that often too, so it's been awesome to get to hang out everyday.
      Boy Meets World is awesome, and so funny. Eric is my personal favorite, but Cory and Shawn make my day.

  3. So I seriously love this post. Friends are the best! My friend and I lived together for a few months before she got married (she's the one who wants to grow up and do grown up things all the time. . .). It was the best.

    Ah! I remember watching Boy Meets World with my mom. But I was so young I don't actually remember anything about it. I'll have to watch it sometime.

    It sounds like you're having a great time!

    I just realized that "having someone to be antisocial with" is a bit of a paradox. XD I can't believe I didn't catch that until just now. (My friend is a persistent extrovert, while I am. . . not so much. We're really opposites in a lot of ways.)

    1. Aww thanks, they really are. That's so cool, I hope my friend doesn't get married on me. :D
      It's so good, I highly recommend it.
      We are :)
      It is isn't it, I am somewhere between a introvert and a extrovert, and I think my friend is a introvert.

  4. Hee hee I loved all the gifs!
    I can definitely relate to it being hard to move away from home, but there are also awesome things about living with friends. Like having someone to chuck chocolate at you. :P
    Hope the switch from home to a new home continues to go well. And happy writing! :)

    1. :D
      Ya, it's been pretty tough, but I'm working through it.
      That has definitely been a highlight.