22 Dec 2015

The Christmas Tag

     I was tagged by the wonderful Deborah@The Road of a Writer 
she is one of the sweetest bloggers I know.

     This is a tag, and there is rules and such, but since it's two in the morning. I'm going to ignore all that, "Hang the code, and hang the rules-"sorry, I haven't gotten an adequate sleep in about a month, and caffeine seems to be my lifeblood.
     I for some reason decided that making ginger bread cookies, and editing 'Kiss My Eyes,' were good tasks to try to complete right now. This blog post was another.

1. What is your favorite Christmas treat?

Sugar cookies, we make them every year, and everyone gets their own plate to decorate and eat.

 2. Are there any special traditions that your family has to celebrate Christmas?

We're a rather nontraditional family. My way of saying, not really.

3. How do you normally celebrate Christmas?

My siblings wake the family up at an obscene hour, and the sensible ones take a long time to roll out of bed. We only open presents when everyone is gathered around. After that we eat, play, and watch Christmas movies. We usually all go sledding sometime in the afternoon. Then for dinner we eat a big turkey dinner, and my Dad reads the Nativity Story. 

4. Do you enjoy getting presents for your friends and family? Do you buy your gifts or go the homemade route?

I do enjoy Christmas shopping, and finding that perfect gift for everyone. I don't really have any knack making gifts, but I usually end up making one or two.

5. Is it cold where you live? Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Oh, yes! 

6. What's on your Christmas list this year?

Books, and maybe some comfy clothing articles, like wool socks.

7. What's your favorite Christmas music?

The 'Let it Snow' album by Relient K.
Any Christmas song by Owl city, especially Peppermint Winter. 

The classics

8. What is your favorite Christmas Memory?

It's funny when you try to think of one, and your brain is like, no.

9. What does your Christmas tree look like?

 10.What are you reading in December?( Anything Festive)

I just finished, 'Six of Crows', which was amazing, and I am starting on, 'A Court of Thorns and Roses' so not really.

11. What famous Christmas character do you most identify with?(Scrooge,Elf,Tiny Tim,The Grinch, Santa, etc.) 
As much as I personally love  The Grinch.

I am much more like Buddy the Elf at Christmas.

Me to my siblings, I pity them.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. You did it, too! Yay! I just love this tag. It's too fun reading everyone's answers.

    Okay, I am practically drooling looking at those cookies. Oh my goodness. o__o Sugar cookies is my favorite type of cookie in the world!

    AAAAHHH! Peppermint Winter! I cannot believe I forgot to mention that in my answer to that question. I adore Peppermint Winter so much. Of course, it's Owl City. He can sing ANYTHING and I'd love it.

    Your tree is so cute! I love!

    Another fellow Buddy! *fistbump* Those Grinches just have to deal with us. No regrets!

    1. It's a great tag, gets you in the Christmas Spirit.

      They are the best, my favorite Christmas treat.

      It is the best song, I blast it while baking. He could,he is so talented.

      Thank you!

      Aw ya,we can spread our overenthusiastic Christmas cheer together. :D

  2. Oh my gosh, I adore Relient K and Owl City's Christmas music, too. Peppermint Winter is the BEST. I love it so much.

    Merry Christmas, Skye! I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday.

    1. They are most definitely the best!

      Merry Christmas to you too! Likewise :)

  3. Awww this is so nice! I'm helping make gingersnaps today with my mom! Hope your editing's going well!!

    1. Mmmm ginger snaps. It is, it's done actually.

  4. Merry Christmas to you too :)

    I hope you have a good one.

  5. Yay, tag! I'm having SO much fun reading these answers! :D
    Pirates quote = best. XD
    Everyone gets to decorate a plate of cookies of their own? :O That's so cool!
    I died over the "siblings wake the family up at an obscene hour, and the sensible ones take a long time to roll out of bed." XD Perfect. Sledding?? I never have but imagine there's always plenty of snow where you live for that...
    I love your tree!
    YOU READ SIX OF CROWS! :D I guess you liked it? I actually dreamed about Kaz and the crew a couple nights ago--it was terrifying and awesome. XD


    1. :D You caught the quote!
      Yup it takes a couple of batches of cookies, but it's worth it.
      ha ha, every year. I got jumped on by three really excited ones.
      That makes me kinda sad, it's one of the best things.There is, so much.
      Thanks :)
      YES I DID! *squealing* I adore it, especially Kaz. Love that little thief. I wish I would dream about them, that would be amazing.
      MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too!

  6. Oh goodness - my siblings do that too! They woke me up at 4am this morning (not joking), because my sister Grace and I stayed the night after our Christmas Eve service. Needless to say, I just woke up from at 2 hour nap, and I'm about ready for another one. But I love that they get so excited, all the same.

    SIX OF CROWS! Who was your favorite? I haven't read ACoTaR, but I'm not really a fan of her other series, so . . . I might read it because it's a retelling of Tam Lin though.

    Merry Christmas!!

    1. It's one of the days when I don't care. It's so fun seeing their smiling faces.

      Kaz! he is so complex,horrible, and funny. I like the whole crew though. I haven't gotten far enough in it to judge yet. I read a story that was based on Tam Lin, it was very confusing.

  7. BAHAHA I love that Grinch gif. XD It's been yeeeears since I saw that movie, omg, so many memories! ;) And those cookies look DIVINE. I am just sayin'...
    I looove Six of Crows, I mean, probably not as much as everyone else, bUT I STILL LOVE IT and I hope you enjoy ACTOAR. I had a bit of trouble with that one. :P But the world-building was fantastic, so there's that!
    Happy Christmas, Skye!!

    1. Me too, I just watched it the other day though.
      Why, thank you!
      I only really got it, because it was a Beauty and the Beast retelling, I hope I like it.
      Happy Christmas to you too, Cait!

  8. Oh, that Grinch gif is so me. If there is a single, little ounce of a reason I can find to not go somewhere, especially a social gathering, I will find it and exploit!

    You have a lovely Christmas tree. :D

    Sugar cookies are awesome! Decorating them is almost more fun than eating them. *almost* ;)

    1. Me too, I hate going places and meeting people. :D

      Thanks,it is dying.

      They were so good, I am a few pounds heavier thanks to them.

  9. I loved all the Elf gifs. :D Those sugar cookies look delicious, too - did you make them? I'm a little late to say it, but I hope you had a great Christmas, and I wish you a happy new year! :D

    1. Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I did make them, they were so good.It's never to late :D
      Happy New Year!

  10. This year was the first year I ate a sugar cookie because one of my friends baked so many batches and gave them to everyone she knew. I'm excited to nab a copy of Six of Crows, and I hope you like ACOTAR (even though I didn't really? But I know a lot of people did!) Your gifs are perfect, also :D :D

    1. Did you like them, they are my favorite kind of cookie. Six of Crows is so good, one of my new favorites. ACOTAR I liked some of it, but it wasn't for me in the end. Thanks :)