30 Dec 2015

The 'Not a Party'

"Have you forgotten,"

The deep, timbre voice gets my attention.

I can't help the grin that twists my lips.

"Is that even possible." I mused, having to pretend I wasn't surprised to see him. I didn't want to risk scaring him off.

 His eyes flick to the screen of my laptop, "I would assume so."

"I'm not replacing you if that is what your worried about." I said giving him a smug smile.

He gives me a sideways glance, "Really."

I roll my eyes, "It's not what you think."

"It's been six months, how much more time has to pass before you will admit it." He sneered down at me.

I sucked in a breath, had it really been that long.

"I haven't forgotten you William, okay. Your story has just been postponed." I didn't look him in the eye when I said it, I had never been able to lie to him.


"What's been postponed." A haughty voice asked from the door.

"Rachel, you can't just interrupt. It's rude." A young, but deep voice chided.

The couple stepped in the room, the girl's chin held high, and proud. The poor light turned the boy's naturally green skin, a pukish yellow. They eyed William's lithe form, with a mixture of caution and  curiosity.

William crossed his arms, "Are these the children who took my place."

"Children."  Rachel echoed with unchecked disgust.

"William please, it's not like that." He fix his sharp gaze on me, his eyes accusing.

A small hand tugged my arm, I stared with sympathy and surprise, at the dirty tutu clad girl. A gas mask covered her face.

"What the hell is that!" William exclaimed stepping back from her.

"She is a little girl," A pale, corpse like sixteen year old admonished, pointing the barrel of his shot gun at Williams chest.

"Walter!" I yelled, shaking my head at the gun.

He lowered it slowly, and pulled the girl to his side.

I blew out an exasperated breath, "Honestly!"

"Is this a party?" A accented voice cut in, the owner stepped in wearing an outrageous hat and suit. The colors clashed immensely with his streaked hair. His black lined eyes took in the ragtag group before him with a cheeky grin.

"Anyone can see this isn't a party Charlie, there isn't even a cake." The snippy tone seemed to match the overbearing shade of red that was her hair. She pulled at her patchwork dress, and took hold of Charlie's right arm.

He didn't seemed to mind.

William gave them a sickened glance.

They all looked each other over with confusion.

"You missed the costume party, Johnny Depp." Walter said, with a bark of laughter.

"Say's the dirt coated urchin,"Isabella spat, pulling Charlie behind her. She stomped up to Walter. "Is that blood?" Charlie whispered once they were face to face.

Walter smiled, his teeth bone white against his dirty skin. His pupils dilated, "Would you like to find out."

William smirked, and Aden and Rachel exchanged concerned glances. Charlie held Isabella back from physically attacking the teen aged zombie.

"Stop it!" I shouted  uselessly, my laptop almost slipped from my lap, as I straightened to admonish them all. "This isn't right, your not supposed to be here all at once."

I got blank stares in return.

"There is something odd here." Charlie observed, easing his grip on Isabella.

Mummers of agreement, followed, as they all looked around the white, mostly empty room.

"We've moved." William observed.

"Again."Walter offered.

"That's it!" Isabella said, her anger forgotten, "Why, we're are-"

"Where it all began." Charlie finished.

"It's rather small." Rachel scoffed.

"Homey," Aden said.

"I thought we had moved."Walter said, looking unimpressed with the familiar surroundings.

"We had." I stuttered out, my face flushed with heat.

"Yet here we are." William said, with his typical mocking tone.

" So I changed my mind," I growled, "I don't have to explain myself lest of all to you lot."

 "Touchy," Walter mumbled.

They all agreed, making more rude remarks as a group. All of their voices blended together, like an un tuned violin.

"She has seem rather out of sorts"


"I would say straight up bad tempered."


They all said this in half whispers, as if I wasn't sitting two feet from them."I'm right here!" I shouted, the crowd of them together, was trying my patience.

They all looked at me, some with fake pity and smiles. William and Walter looked unapologetic.

"Oi, your a loud one," A heavily accented voice spoke. Coming out of the shadows by the door. A bottle was clenched in his pale fingers. He sported an un-zipped leather jacket, that revealed his pale skin beneath. "Loud enough to wake the dead."

Walter had the audacity to smirk.

He choked down another drink, "Bloody humans."

Charlie and Isabella crept over to him, "Where have you been Peter?"

"Apparently uninvited, along with this dodgy guy in the hall." He brushed a piece of hair out of his face, "He has some messed up eyes."

"Petty words from a simpleton," came the disgusted response, from a tall, white haired being.

"See, he ain't very friendly." Peter said with hasty look behind him, "No, offense mate."

"How would you like to see your death." His voice was velvety yet threatening. His violet eyes fixed on the Peter.

Peter shrugged, "Already have, thank you."

The Goblin King looked perturbed.

"Who's this now." Isabella looked up at a tall, treeish man. Who had appeared on the bed. He had a hat, that seemed to have a point but was bent and flattened. He tugged at his long beard, as he regarding the room with a look of bewilderment. "Twigdorwth, you nosy girl." He scolded, holding out a long bony finger, "I told you Saber, the young have no respect for there elders. She is proof."

"See here," Isabella exclaimed. 

"Where are we, Twig?" questioned a young man, with rather shaggy black hair and pointed ears. His unearthly blue eyes scanned each of the strangers in turn.

"I seem to have made an error," Twigdorwth said, pulling at his leaf filled robes, shaking loads of dirt and leaves onto the clean bed. "I have no idea who these ruffians are, nor where this insipid place is."

"Just who exactly do you think you are talking to, Grandpa." someone yelled out.

Other insults followed. The chorus of angry voices rising.

"I am nobody's Grandfather," Twigdorwth bellowed, pushing Saber behind him, as he brandished his staff.

That's when someone took advantage of the angry throng, and decided to hit someone, what had been a rather verbal group of  confused  people, became a riot.

 Madness ensued.

Curses, and punches were exchanged, Peter rolled his head and bared his fangs before joining the melee. Screams, hair pulling, magic sparked. Some left, fleeing the fight.

I caught William's smiling face, as he went in swinging.

"I don't like this party." Charlie called out from somewhere in the thick of it.

"It's not a party!" Was the breathless answer.

Walter fired a warning shot, taking the last of my patience. 

 "Go away all of you!" I screamed, throwing my hands over my ears, and flinging myself onto my computer

I lied there, willing the noise to stop. It did.

I raised my head looking around my room in relief to find it empty once more. I let out a small cry of relief collapsing back onto my pillow.

That's when I saw him, my dad, standing in the doorway. His mouth quirked in a half smile and his face somewhere between humored and concerned.

He strode in, coming to a stop behind my bed.

"It's not... I can." I stumbled on my words, how does one even begin to explain.

He smiles at me, it's full of pity. He places his warm, giant hand on my forehead.

"Your definitely not okay." he says with a laugh. Then he leaves.


If you made it through this you are an amazing person, and I salute you.

Based on a true story.





  1. Oh my gosh, this is perfect! It's so accurate. I totally know what this is like, and you summed it up so PERFECTLY. Thank you for understanding. XD

    1. Really Thanks! Yes, someone gets it, being a writer is hard.
      Thank you, I was worried people would think I was nuts. <3

  2. This is fabulous. I love them all so much and I don't even know who half of them are. They argue so perfectly.

    1. Thanks! Ha ha, that's good especially considering you don't know them. They are all terrible. :D

  3. That was beautiful! I love all your characters and it was so perfect the way they all were confused and arguing and fed off each other. I definitely relate to having moments when all the stories I have written/are writing/want to write pile up on me and demand why I haven't given them enough attention. Mostly mine just stare at me with big puppy eyes and ask if I've truly abandoned them forever, though. Much more passive than your characters. :p

    1. Thanks! It makes my day when people love my characters. Glad you can relate,your characters sound lovely, mine are all impossible. Want to trade? ;)

  4. This is awesome. Very creative, and I like your characters!

  5. OH MY WORD.

    It's sooo accurate to a writer's life. And I'm pretty sure this is how it'd go if a lot of my characters met. It'd be such a mess. o.o I totally get ya, girl! I just loved this so much. XD THE PEOPLE. Your characters are sooo unique and fun! GAH. I just love them all so much!

    Hope you're doing well and 2016 will be a much better year! *HUGS*

    1. *Squealing* THANK YOU!

      So I'm not the only crazy writer out there :)
      I would love to see that someday, messing with your characters is so fun. Awww I'm glad you like them all so much.<3

      Right back at you, and yes hopefully! *Hug*

  6. Aaaah! This is so awesome! I was smiling the whole way through. I can see William being jealous. Of EVERYONE. ;)

    And it seems so fitting that Peter was the first to meet the Goblin King.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Exactly the reaction I was hoping for. :D He is. He so insecure, but he covers it well.

      Happy New Year! I hope you have a great one.

  7. Bloody humans. DANGIT I LOVE THIS. And I think I'll take your word for it, when you say this is based off a true story. I mean, mostly ;) Happy New Year, Skye <3 And keep writing, I'm looking forward to it XD

    1. :D Thank you, that makes me want to write more of these crazy little episodes. It happens more then I would like to admit. Happy New Year!
      I most definitely will, thanks for the encouragement. <3

  8. THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE READ ALL DAY. *hugs this post* Clearly not a party because no cake but omg, SO RELATABLE. XD I love it Skye! I looooooove it!

    1. Eeep, Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Never a party without cake, it's just a gathering.
      Your are so sweet, thanks for reading it!

  9. Oh goodness, I LOVE THIS. Seeing people's characters thrown together like this is such fun. The variety is awesome, and they're all so rough around the edges. XD That Johnny Depp comment, wow. And also, "I am nobody's grandfather!" Along with, "I don't like this party." I have a feeling I'd love Twig and Charlie. :)

    1. :D Thanks Tracey! They are a crazy bunch. I had to, I mean Johnny Depp is awesome.
      I think you will love both of them. :)

  10. Ahaha, this was awesome! It made me laugh. X) I want a character not-party in MY room! Or, maybe not. But it would be interesting. XD

  11. I'm glad it made you laugh XD
    They're fun and chaotic, I'm not sure I can completely recommended one. Interesting is the perfect word for it.

  12. LOL, this was fantastic! I love how you gave them all such distinct and unique voices. :)


    1. Thank you! I was hoping they would all sound different.