16 Feb 2016

Lovely Books// couples


is hosting this four edition linkup called Lovely Books. It's all about book guys, so go to her blog and check it out, sweetest person you could ever hope to meet, probably because she's Canadian like yours truly.

So for lack of time not couples, I think I will only do my top five. The funny thing being in real life, I am so cynical about love and romance, I make gagging sounds.

This is true love to me.

In the fictional world I have many ships. Too many.

Howl and Sophie
 Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

These two are everything I have ever wanted in a couple. they fight incessantly, we never have to read about them kissing or being gushy, and they never actually say I love you, but for some reason you just know. I love the movie, but the book versions of them are so much better.

Blue and Gansey
The Raven Boys by Meggie Stiefvater
I'm not sure if the reason that I love this pairing, is because it's destined for disaster. Or because they are complete opposites. Gansey is old money and a cultured accent, Blue is the daughter of a Physic, and all rough edges and oddness. Oh and Gansey is going to die.

Nyx and Ignifex
Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge
He is a demon, the Gentle Lord, and she was promised to be his wife as part of a deal her father  made. He is super sassy and hilarious, there is lost of fighting and assassination attempts, before they finally decide that they love each other.

Angel and Easton
 Dark is the Night- Mirriam Neal
Just – just stop, okay?”
“Stop? He kidnapped me, for heaven’s sake!”
“Well, you are over eighteen,” drawled Angel, “so technically, there was no kidnapping involved. I…borrowed you.”
- Dark is the Night
I ship all of Mirriam's couples to be honest, but I really love these two. A human and a vampire, it's so perfect. They have great dialogue, nothing remotely like Twilight I assure you.

Teague and  Meridian
The Other Half of Everything
I adore these two so much, that I  wish I had written them, they are fantastic. I freak out every time, Deb posts something about them, I can't wait till she writes their story.

A series of loud thumps proceeded from the direction of the kitchen. Then silence.
“I don’t want to know what that was!” I called.
“Remarkably wise of you,” Teague called back.
“I still don’t want to know what that was!” I warned.
“That’s probably for the best.”- The Other Half of Everything

Hope you guys enjoyed this, feel free to join in. I would love to read your posts.


  1. I haven't read any of these books except for The Raven Boys and yes Blue and Gansey are the cutest, saddest little couple </3

    However, I have had Howls Moving Castle recommended to me multiple times so I better go actually read it :-P

    1. They are <3

      You must it's one of my all time favorites!

  2. Is that a doughnut at the top there, because it looks amazing!?
    Howl and Sophie were at the top of my list too! I love the art you used :) So cute.
    Nyx and Ignifex almost made my list, ;P "Cruel Beauty" was one of the best books I read last year.
    Nice list :)
    I haven't read the other books (but I know who Deborah's characters are, and you're right, they're adorable!) I'm intrigued by the Raven Boys series, since so many bloggers I follow love it. But I didn't like The Wolves of Mercy Falls (unpopular opinion time), and couldn't make it past the first half of the second one, so . . . not sure.

    1. Yes it is, or was.
      They are so adorable.
      I haven't read the Wolves of Mercy Falls, but I would recommend The Raven Boys.

  3. "...probably because she's Canadian like yours truly." I'm dying. XD It's so true though! You Canadians are just the nicest. I think we Americans need to learn a thing or two from you.

    Is that a doughnut and coffee? DEFINITELY TRUE LOVE RIGHT THERE. XDDD

    Okay, okay. Let me just have a moment to breathe, because THIS LIST.

    Howl and Sophie. HOWL AND SOPHIE. HOWL AND SOPHIIIIEEEE!!! They ARE my OTP. I mean, I have like 29384234 OTPs. But they're the ONE. I ship them more than any other fictional people that has ever existed. When I first read the book I was shipping them so hard it physically HURT. Literally. I've never shipped so hard in my life. Those two just GAH. <3333

    I sadly haven't read The Raven Boys or Cruel Beauty but I want to, especially The Raven Boys!

    AGH, SKYE. You just brought back so many Eastel feels. Man, I MISS the DitN days. Such good (painful) times.

    AND TEAGUE AND MERIDIAN. I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am you added those. JUST YES. Deb needs to get to writing that thing soon. I NEEDS IT.

    I may have to steal almost all these when I do my couples post (hopefully next Monday). I was already planning on Howl and Sophie (duh), but Eastel and Teague and Meridian didn't occur to me. This is just perfect!

    1. He he most of us. I have met loads of nice Americans and some mean Canadians. I like to think I'm one of the nice ones.

      Yes! <3

      :D Your comments are the best, really I don't know what I would do without you!

      I know, I have no words to express my love for those two. The adorableness of their relationship will never be topped!

      You must, they are both good, I had issues with both of them, but the writing is amazing.

      I miss those two, Angel is my guy. They gave me hope for love. This is my sneaky way of trying to pressure her into writing more. THE PRECIOUS!

      Steal away, I love that we both like similar ones.

  4. Howl and Sophie are both the best and make me angry because THEY NEVER SAY I LOVE YOu. I mean, i get that it's implied but NTHEY NEVER SAY IT WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO GO FROM OMG

    1. Omigoodness I know, I love and hate that about them.

  5. I've never read any of these except The Raven Boys. And I've only read the first book. It kind of breaks my heart the the author purposely placed Blue with Adam even though she's "supposed" to be with Gansey. IT MAKES ME SO SAD FOR ADAM! I really like him. Ahem, but I'll have to finish reading the whole series, I guess. I do like how Gansey gets on Blue's nerves and yet she still has this attraction for him.

    I've not read the others before, but they all sound very good. Oh, but I do love reading Deborah's character posts and snippets. She has such great dialogue!

    1. I could go on all day about The Raven Boys. I know, poor Adam. That guy never gets a break. Me too, I have only read two so far. They are so funny together and when he calls her Jane, I always think of the Mentalist.

      I know right, Deb is amazing!

  6. I'm so behind on reading/commenting on your blog--so sorry, Skye! But akslfsaflj, you're incredibly sweet. Go Canada, and yay for Timmies! (Have you won anything yet with Roll Up the Rim? XD)

    I HAVE TO READ HMC. I can't remember the last time I so desperately wanted to read a book by an author I'd never tried, but I keep hearing good things about this one. XD

    I've also considered The Raven Boys... Is it a good series? LOL, I guess I wouldn't need to ask, seeing as how characters from it made it onto your list.

    EASTELLLLL. Ow, now I miss them. AND YOU INCLUDED TEAGUE AND MERIDIAN. ACK, SO MUCH YES. I love every snippet I read about them! Their snark is the best.

    Great post, Skye! Thanks so much for participating. <3 (Don't forget to add your link to the thingie so that more people can come read this.)

    1. No problem, life is crazy! Thanks!
      Timmies is life, I won a coffee and a donuts so far what about you!

      It is a good series,I have only read the first two, but my only complaints would be the Physic stuff, the use of tarot cards, and there is a lot of language

      Mir has the best couples! Teague and Meridian are my new favorite.

      Thanks for reading it, no problem. I can't believe I forgot to do that XD

    2. Nothing yet! My co-worker just won $100, though.

      Meh. That's disappointing to hear. I still may try the first book someday, just to see what it's like.

      She does. ^_^ And I really need to read more of The Other Half of Everything.

      LOL, no worries! I almost forgot to add my Beautiful People link this month. XD

    3. That's awesome!

      Ya, it seems like every book has something.

      It's at the top of my wishlist.

      I feel better then :)

  7. Tim's!!! Warms my cold Canadian heart. Also, is that a Boston Creme doughnut? Because those are by far my favourite. :D
    I seriously need to get on to reading Howl's Moving Castle. I loved the movie to death, and everyone says the book is even better. It's been somewhere deep in my mental TBR for ages, and all that stands between me and reading it is the fact that my library is a four hour plane ride away. This summer, though. It's going to happen. :p

    1. he he, yes our hearts are very cold.Yes it is! They're so good. :)

      Yes, yes you do, it's one of my top favorites. That is quite a ways.

      I hope you like it as much as I do!

  8. LOL, Teague and Meridian sound awesome. :D

    I love Sophie and Howl too! That book is so cute and funny. <3

    And I totally agree! I'm pretty cynical about romance in real life (so much so, that I know I'm a little too cynical, but I can't help it. :p Romance is a messy adventure. Makes you late for dinner), but between all of my fandoms, I actually have quite a few ships. :p Go figure.


    1. They are, I love them!

      That book is everything <3

      I'm cynical too! A waste of time in my mind. He he we are both such contradictions.

  9. Oh my goodness! I'm so behind on blogs, I only saw this because Christine linked it to me. But... *flails* THIS POST!

    Okay, so Howl and Sophie YES! They are obviously the bestest. ;) And Easton and Angel! I looove that you have them here! :D *flails around* Mirri writes the bestest couples, and Eastel is just alksdjflkdj <3<3<3 perfect. :D

    I really need to get my hands on The Raven Boys! O_O It's always out at my library... I actually have Cruel Beauty, waiting on my shelf! :O I must read that! :D

    And... *flails around* Meridian and Teague are on here!!! That just makes my day, just awwwgsh you precious person thank you so much. <3 (You'll be happy to know, then, that I started writing it last week. Only 400 words, but at least it's officially "started" instead of just six thousand miscellaneous words of snippets lying around. XD)



    3. I'm behind right now too!

      Glad you agree with my picks :)

      You must, I love them!

      He he, I was hoping you would find this, I adore your characters. OMigooodness really! I am so excited, can't wait!

  10. "Oh and Gansey's going to die."

    HOW CAN YOU?!?!?!

    I love that fanart so much.

    I'm living in a state of nervous fevered excitement, counting days till TRK. IT'S ONLY FIFTEEN. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! FIFTEEN. LITERAL FIFTEEN. I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself--

    1. I'm horrible, I know. It keeps me up at night. I've been so busy lately I almost forgot, but yes! I am super excited.