20 Feb 2016

Pride and Predjudice with Zombies: Review

Okay I'm not sure how to review this movie, but I can tell you one thing I absolutely loved it!
 Keep in mind as you read my thoughts. That I love action movies, zombie movies, thrillers. Basically blood and guts don't faze me. I grew up with two older brothers, in my mother's eyes they ruined me, but I think they saved me from being a sentimental fool.

I have a funny story about my first encounter with Pride and Prejudice and my first reaction to it. I think I was twelve when I watched the movie version with my mom. I was bored out of my mind, and the only thing that amused me was quoting Pirates of the Caribbean because Kiera Knightly was in it.

I abhorred anything even remotely romantic, from a very young age.

When my mom asked me if I liked it, I said that if it had some action or a tragic death. I might like it.
cue nine years later my requests were answered.

I sadly haven't read the book, but I'm going to snatch it up at the next time I see it.

I had planned to see this movie with two of my cousins or my dad. We share almost exactly the same taste in movies and t.v. I was pleasantly surprised when my mom decided to take me, and slightly worried. I guess I should give you a brief history of my mom and I.

From age seven we have been at odds, she wanted me in dresses with frills and I decided pants were much more my thing. It only got worse as I got older and preferred murder mysteries, car chases, explosions, fight scenes to the sappy, kissing filled shows all my friends loved.  I loved video games of all kinds, but first person shooter games quickly became the favorite, but my mom didn't like me to play them because they were violent. We learned to accept each others differences, but we still fight over them. Lovingly of course.

So when she said she would take me so we could spend some much needed time with each other before she flies of to Africa, I said 'sure', but kept thinking of the huge lecture that would follow the movie. For most of the day after that I tried relentlessly to talk her out of it.

"You know it's about Zombies, right?"

"It will probably be very gory."

"Zombies, blood and guts."

"There might be a beheading or language."

"You screamed watching Mockingjay part 11, this will be far worse."

"Did I mention zombies!"

She didn't take the bait and said even though she probably would close her eyes through most of it, she was going to see it for me. I admired her stubbornness and gave up trying to convince her and we went.

After loading up on popcorn and pop, we found our respective screen. My mom tsked at the Zombie on the screen displaying our movie, and I groaned inwardly about what a terrible idea this was. She and my cousin exchanged scared smiles as we took our seats.

The first preview was unfortunately some horror movie of the demon possessed variety, and while I read my popcorn bag. My cousin and my mom hide behind their fingers and took fearful peaks, then discussed loudly how bad it was.

I was slightly amused, but hoped that the preview had nothing in common with the movie.

I knew they were nervous from the very start, which starts with a cartoony puppet way of explaining how the zombies came to be. Because my cousin had my arm in a vice like grip, and as soon as it started my mom asked me to ask my cousin about what she thought of the new movie theater.

I for one was excited. My mom was happy to find that there was a story apart from the zombies, hence the name. Whoever thought of combining the two was really clever. I wish I had thought of it.

There is something funny and inspiring about having 19th century edict mixed with zombie slaying. Seeing girls in prim and proper dresses, be fluent in the art of war. That in between the dancing, parties, and Victorian manners, there is blood and corpses.

 Lily James made a fantastic Lizzie, and after a brief scene both my mom and cousin were like, there you are, Skye. I wish, the only common trait we share is, we both have no desire to marry, and the brown hair.

 Despite the fact of this film being peppered with zombies, it wasn't as gory as I anticipated. You see as much as zombies and action movie type violence doesn't bother me. I'm not really a fan of gore, excessive blood and flying limbs aren't my thing. I think the film makers weren't trying to make this movie excessively bloody or scary, which I appreciate.

That's not to say there isn't any, blood splatters the camera quite regularly,but I like how even thought someone is slashing someone's head the quick cuts and camera angles shy away from the actual act.

The zombies themselves were quite creepy. At one point there was a zombie mother and baby. To which my mom responded "That's not holy!"

It's was such a funny thing to say, so me and my cousin burst out laughing. We ended up doing a lot of that, as there was a lot of humor, and sassy dialogue. Most of the comic relief came from Mr. Collins played by the wonderful Matt Smith.

He was my favorite, my cousin's response to him was "Who is the weird looking person!"

I was like, "That is the 11'th doctor, peasant!" well not really, but I did defend him. To which my mom was like, "Please tell me he is not the one you like." to which I was all like "Yes, but not like that..."

That's the problem with people who don't watch Doctor Who, they will never understand my love for the Doctor.

All of the character's were fantastic actually, and as far as I remember kept true to the original.

They had all the great parts of  Mr. Darcy's and Lizzie's unromance, I quite liked them. Which begs the question is there anyone more awkward then Mr. Darcy?

To sum it up I loved it, my cousin loved it, and my mom would have liked it if it weren't for the zombies. So basically she should just stick to Pride and Prejudice. She was a good sport about it regardless.

I think I might read the original book now. So if anything this show might have turned me into a Jane Austen fan. You never know.

Final thoughts: It was bloody lovely!



  1. Really? The Doctor played Mr. Collins? I might have to watch this movie. I wonder how he portrayed him. Because every time I watch the Knightly P&P with my friend, she's always like, "Ew! He's so creepy. Yuck." He is a little weird in that one. So it'd be interesting to see what Matt Smith did with the role.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure Mr. Darcy is the epitome of social awkwardness. XD I kind of wonder if he doesn't have social anxiety?

    The movie sounds better than the book. I was told that in the book, Lizzie, er, eats some of the zombies' limbs or something? Like the book was over the top gory? That really was the only thing that turned me off from the book because that's not really in keeping with her character. . .

    The movie does sound good though. I agree with you about things getting too gory. I don't mind some, but you can always tell when the film is just being gory just because. When there's not a legitimate reason for it, it kind of annoys me.

    I love action packed movies with car chases and explosions and sci-fi and fantasy. But I also don't mind romances either. Well, some of them anyways. Usually the old black and white ones (because there's dancing in those). And anything with Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart is usually going to be hilarious.

    1. Yes, and he was only slightly creepy but more dorky and funny. He had all the best lines.

      He is like the male version of me. :D

      Oh, that's pretty disturbing nothing like that happens, and well I can't say it didn't have gruesome moments, it seemed pretty clean for a zombie movie. That does sound really out of character.

      Like I said I liked it, but that doesn't mean it will be everyone's thing. Yes, gore and blood for no reason is just stupid, it's like why?

      Yay for action movies, I'm started not to mind a bit of romance, but it has to be funny or something I hate cliched romances. I have never seen anything with Cary Grant, I should though.

    2. Arsenic and Old Lace is a hilarious Cary Grant movie. And the romance kind of takes a backseat to the plot. I haven't seen Bringing Up Baby in a while, but I do remember laughing nearly the whole time! Cary Grant always has the funniest facial expressions. He's kind of like the Martin Freeman of black and white film.

    3. These sound great! *Adds them to list*
      Thanks for the recommendations, if he is like Martin Freeman I will love him for sure :D

  2. Zombies aren't really my thing, but then, I've never truly tried anything involving them. XD So I guess I wouldn't know without trying. I love P&P, though! That's awesome that your mom braved the movie just to be with you.

    1. To each his own, most things involving them aren't very good.
      I'm going to watch and read the originals soon, I think I'm old enough to appreciate it now.
      My mom is a sweetheart!

  3. I've heard a lot about PPZ and the trailer really hooked me so much. (Is that the Lily James who played Cinderella in the live action?) And your review made me quite intrigued to read/watch it, even though I never got past the first chapter of PP. I shall definitely think about watching it sometime!

    1. You should see it, it's great! It is she is awesome. I'm glad you liked it

  4. This looks INTERESTING, but I don't know if I could handle watching it. xD Maybe someday I'll watch it when it comes out on DVD so it's not as frightening as it would be in the theater. :P

    1. It is interesting, but if your unsure. At least with a DVD you can just turn it off :D

  5. This has Matt Smith in it!? I literally had no idea! I'm TOTALLY okay with gore/zombie/scary things (in fact, I rather love them), and I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't read the book it's based off, and although I'd prefer to read that first, I do plan on watching this. Lovely review! You have a great writing style.

    1. It does and he is awesome! Well in that case you must see it! I want to read the book as well. Thank you so much!

  6. AHH YOU GOT TO GO SEE IT? I basically have wanted to because MATT SMITH but i've seen so many great reviews and I'm dying. Although I'm not a huge fan of zombies, I am a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice and I have made a pact with myself to watch/read ALL THE SPINOFFS. But yes I will be watching this movie as soon as I can. Lovely review Skye, and the gifs are perfection :D

    a little bit of sunshine

    1. Yes I did and it was awesome! Do see it for Matt Smith because his parts are the best, but if you don't like zombies. They are really creepy so I don't know if I would recommend it. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it.

  7. YES YES YES. I've been wanting to watch PPZ for possibly ever. I'm a big fan of zombies and gore and butt-kicking women so this is going to be amazing. Great review!

    1. Omigoodness, then this is definitely the show for you! Go see it, you'll love it

  8. woaaah! your mom's going to Africa?? I've been so busy with school and stuff, but we have to talk again soon and catch up on things!

    1. Ya, she leaves tomorrow. I'm not sure when I will have time, but yes we should.

  9. Omg, oh fuddle?!?! I'M DYING. WHAT A EXCLAMATION. XD heheh.

    Aaanyway. I do not like period dramas, but I would 100% watch this because ZOMBIES. I do love zombies. And I think this could be awesome (although I find it mildly hilarious because isn't this like technically fanfiction?!? bahah.) And omg your mum is wonderful. XD My mum would be exactly the same! I was always blood, guts and pirates, but luckily she had 4 other daughters who loved pink and frills so she was okay with me turning out more like my dad/brother. ;D

    This was the great review of EVER, Skye. XD

    1. I know right, I think I need to work it into my daily life more.

      Up until this one, I didn't either you must watch it! Omigoodness it is, how funny.
      She is :)
      My mom has five, but one seems to be a lot like me. She thinks I'm influencing her. Which is probably true.

      Thank you so much!<3

  10. Great review! Zombies aren't generally my thing, and to be honest when I heard they were making Pride and Prejudice and Zombies into a movie, I was pretty skeptical. But! From your review, it sounds like it was actually a good movie. I might go see it if I have time...
    Also, you should totally read P&P!!! It's not my all-time favourite Austen novel, but it is still really good, with a complex plot and lots of sarcastic and satirical humour. :D

    1. Thanks! It's milder than most zombie shows I've seen. I think I will definitely read it, I'm probably old enough to appreciate it now.

  11. I haven't watched this one yet and (even though I'm generally not way into romance stories), I'm a GINORMOUS fan of the original Pride and Prejudice. Yet, this idea sounds pretty interesting. So I don't know. I might check it out eventually. :)


    1. I think it's worth a watch especially if you liked the orginal and your not to squeamish.

  12. I'm a huge, unabashed fan of Jane Austen, and not the keenest on zombies. (Because unnecessary stuff always seems to be a part of zombie movies, mainly). Still, I really enjoyed this movie - with a few minor plot/consistency quibbles. And both Matt Smith and Lily James were fabulous. I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT THE DOCTOR WHO thing. It isn't *like that.* I just love the Eleventh Doctor, that's all.
    I'm actually not too big on the Kiera Knightly P & P - it cuts out some of the best parts/dialogue from the book. Since P & P is basically family drama meets romantic manners comedy, P&P with Zombies was *almost* more accurate. Almost.
    And back to Jane Austen - she is one of the smartest, wittiest authors to ever hold a pen, in my opinion. She was ahead of her time, and I feel like every girl (and guy) should at least give one of her books a try. So what if she wrote about manners and marriage - she did it with snark and style. She's worth a shot. And now I will shut up. ;P

    1. I think I am becoming a fan of hers. I agree it sucks.
      I'm glad you liked it! Yes, yes I don't think she will ever understand, why I love the Doctor and Matt.
      It's been so long since I've seen it, but I wasn't a fan.
      I think she is quite witty, I will definitely be giving her a shot! :D