6 Feb 2016

Starting Sparks- Little Red Riding Hood

So I'm doing Starting Sparks this month, which is a fun, writing prompt link up hosted by Ashley and Emily

You should check out both of their blogs, and join the fun!

I have tried to join these a couple of times, but life and such got in the way. When I saw this month's prompt I knew I had to do it. I'm not sure if I'm actually following the prompt, considering my character's are fairy tale characters.

I am Edna Mode, guys.

"Once upon a time- NO! Charlie we are not doing that."

"Doing what?" He protested.

 "Starting our story with a cliche, our lives are strange enough." I explained. Crossing out his barely distinguishable letters.

"How do you propose we start." His hair stuck out at odd angles as he brushed a hand through it.

"The middle." I  said, without thinking.

He snorted, something he was more prone too when I was in the vicinity. "Then how will they know what's going on."

I eyed the edges of the book, I liked to pretend they didn't exist. The readers.

"They don't have to know what's happening, they will figure it out. I'm sure they're not all thick."

Charlie looked doubtful.

"It's like a dream," I said, picking up the feathered quill. "You never start, you arrive."

"Fine, have at it then."


 "My what horridly, thick hair you have." The heavily accented voice observed.

"Try not to sound so condescending, Peter." A trilling voice admonished, from a dim corner of the room.

"I'm wearing, red silk, it can't get more condescending then that." He spat back, pulling at the hood tied to his lank frame by a red ribbon.

"It's to help you get a feel of the character," The fabric draped, teacher responded.

Peter cocked his head at her, "Yes because I have always wanted to know what a twelve year old girl feels." The disgust on his face was further evident by the appearance of his fangs.

"It's an exercise, you will be marked." She said, her resolve unmoved.

"What ghastly, big eyes, you have?" He toned down his sarcasm, but not by much.

"All the better to see you with." I squeaked out, in what I hope sounded matronly, but had more in common with a mouse.

Peter's mouth twitched into a half smile, "Are we not allowed to take some creative licenses."

The instructor tapped a pen against her teeth, " I suppose, as long as you stay in character."

"Bloody hell," he mummered, looking over the sheet we had been given. "Considering the source material, is so inspiring.

"What long teeth you have, Granny," He coughed out, curling his lips up to showcase his own, fangs.  Visibly protesting how horribly miscast we were.

I readjusted my wolf ears and snout, my flaming red hair was slipping out of it's halfhearted tail, and was splayed across the lumpy cushion I was pretending was a bed.

Yes, I hadn't missed the irony of a girl in a Wolf/ Granny costume, and a vampire as Little Red Hood. Neither did our snickering classmates. The Goblins, jeered from their corner, and the variety of Princesses and Princes, laughed in their haughty way.

Alice O'dell in her blue cotton dress and petticoats, looked on with grim satisfaction.

I pushed up my glasses, and tried to ignore the spectators.

This was the moment, I was supposed to spring up and accost Peter, and everybody knew it was a  stupid thing to accost a vampire.

Charlie was waiting a few feet away, wrapped awkwardly up in a flannel shirt and swinging an axe. His over decorated hat, swayed perilously on his head. He had chosen today of all days to wear the one with the teapot on it. To make matters worse the axe was real.

Between the axe, and Peter's fangs, blood was almost guaranteed.

I looked helplessly out at our, teacher who was leaned forward as much as the students, she  made a shewing motion with her hand at me.

"All the better to eat you with, my dear!" I growled or rather groaned out, throwing my self off the pillow, and sending the glasses flying. I stepped forward with a glint in my eye that I hope everyone mistook as anger instead of fear, and cast my self at  the vamp.

My feet tangled together as they are prone to do, and I plunged toward the floor.

A gust of wind caught me up, and I found myself  in Peter's arms eye level with his glistening fangs.

"That was rather naughty of you, wolf, to dress up as my dear old Nan."  His eyes flickered black, and I felt myself go still.

His breath was icy and sent a scatter of shivers down my arms.

"Umm could you put me down." I stuttered, avoiding his probing gaze.

He held me tighter for a minute catching my gaze. "Are you sure, you want that Isabelle." He crooned.

Yes, I did, or no. Wait, where was I, and who.....
 Not that any of that seemed to matter  in light of the beautiful creature holding me.
I felt very safe in his warm or rather icy embrace.

"Now see here!" Charlie exclaimed stomping across the stage, "He is going off script, Miss Pestermoon."

"It's called ad lib,my dear, the mark of a true actor." She said, seeming enamored with the scene on stage.

Charlie glared at Peter who winked back, and sniffed at my face.

"I think he's compelled her." Charlie declared, gripping the axe tighter in his hands.

"As well, as the audience," Miss Pestermoon, droned a wide smile on her flabby face.

"You smell good enough to eat," Peter said, with a sly smile.

I smiled, "Really," my voice sounded dreamy, even to myself. In fact, this all might be a dream.

"Is this really appropriate?" Charlie asked in another attempt to appeal to the teacher's good sense.

"Theater never is." She replied blandly.

"Al' right then," Charlie said with a shrug, he brandished the axe, and swung it at Peter. He had horrible aim and almost took out his own leg.

"Oi, mate!' Peter exclaimed, jumping back.

"Up hand her fiend!" Charlie yelled, with a rather hearty chop, sending the tea pot hat crashing into the audience. Terrified screams and growls rang out.

Peter set me down, and snapped his fingers in front of my nose.

I snapped to attention, but felt very confused at what had just transpired.

Peter dodged Charlie's attempts to clobber him, " I was just having you on. No harm done."

I caught hold of Charlie's arm, and he lowered the axe.

I held out a hand and he passed it reluctantly to me, I took the proffered weapon in both hands, and pointed it at Peter.

"I would run very fast, little red." I said, my unmatched temper finally making an appearance.

Peter backed away off stage, still wearing a crooked grin.

Clapping filled the room.

Miss Pestermoon, walked down to us, her eyes shining. "Inspired!"

I dropped the axe, with a satisfying clank, and met Charlie's gaze.

"Bloody Vamps!" We both said, in perfect time.

One of my best friends drew this picture of Peter for me, off of some gifs I sent her and I love it!
He is perfect!  You should check out her Devinart account http://junoro.deviantart.com/


  1. Thanks so much for linking up, Skye!

    This made me smile! I especially enjoyed, "I'm wearing red silk, it can't get more condescending then that."

    Who are these characters? I've never met them before!

    1. It was alot of fun :D

      I'm glad it was supposed to be silly and get a smile.

      Oh, right um, Charlie is The Madd Hatter's son and Peter is Dracula's grandson. Isabella isn't actually a fairy tale character, but she is the main character in their story.

  2. "Theater never is." She replied blandly. << oh my gosh that made me laugh so hard! Haha! I love these characters and how you incorporated them so nicely into the prompt. :)

    1. I'm glad you like it, and that it made you laugh!
      Thank you!

  3. "My what horridly thick hair you have!" << This is what I think about myself all the time. XD

    I seriously loved this. All of it. Especially the twist upon twist. And the ending when Isabelle retrieved the axe and made Peter leave the stage in the end!

    "Is this really appropriate?"
    "Theater never is."

    I liked it all! And the characters. I could just see Charlie in his teapot hat, clad in uncharacteristic red flannel.

    1. He he me too!

      <3 I'm so glad you like it, I was like this is insane the whole time I was writing it.

      Ah, Miss Pestermoon.

      I love that you could visualize it. *flaling*

  4. Oh this is adorable!! Haha I loved it. I keep saying I'm going to join in these prompt things that you do and I never get around to it - maybe one day...?

    1. :D Thanks for reading it. You should, I always say that too.

  5. LOL, This was so much fun!!! I actually laughed out loud at one point. :D


    1. :D Really mission accomplished then. Thanks for reading!

  6. Aaaahhhh! It's Charlie, Peter, and Isabella!!! AND THEY'RE DOING RED RIDING HOOD. AND I AM DEAD. This was just...this was priceless. I can't with them. XD

    I am sooo curious about this story and charries. They're just too great! You come up with the most unique things!

    1. Ya! I'm glad you were excited. :D

      I'm still exploring and figuring them out myself, but I'm glad your excited.
      Thank you <3