21 May 2016

Starting Sparks: May // Belle and William

 So I have been missing these the last few months, but Starting Sparks is an awesome linkup hosted by Emily and Ashley

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 The destructive tinkling of shattered glass on marble floor, followed a slammed door.

"William! That better not have been the good teacups." I yelled.

His silence was more than an answer.

I banged on the door, "Isn't there a better way to deal with your anger, than by smashing things."

"If there is I have yet to find one." He shouted.

"It's childish." I sighed, as if I could expect more from him.

His answer was more smashing.

"Is this necessary!" I shouted, banging on the wood door.

"Absolutely," his sardonic tone though muffled still rang through.

"Really" I huffed, opening the door that he had failed to lock.

He looked at me in disgust, his eyes rimmed red. Not with tears of course that was too much to expect, but from whatever alcoholic beverage he was drinking down.

I put my hand on my hip and stood in silence until he was forced to acknowledge my presence.

He pulled the bottle from his lips with an eyeroll. "What?"

I sneered, "You could at least use a glass."

He plopped into a chair, and gestured at the floor, "I've broken them."

"Yes, I know, why" I was trying my best to be calm and rational, one of us needed to keep our heads and it wasn't going to be him.

"I rather not discuss why." He said dipping his head back for another drink.

I shook my head, "No, no  you are not going to do this to me again." I launched myself at him, and grabbed the bottle.

He tried to snatch it back, even resorted to pulling my hair, but I untangled myself and fled to the other side of the room. Tripping on glass shards on the way.

He looked wretched as he glared at me. "Your cruel."

I held out the bottle and sniffed it, rum. "I only want you to talk to me, why do you never talk to me."

He shook his finger at me, "No. Not you. Anyone but you."

"Why not." I said, the playfulness fell from my words.

He turned back to the scarred table, because you are the last person I want to see..."

I tried to keep the pain out of my expression. "Oh"

I almost dropped the bottle, "Well I guess I will leave you to it then."

He inhaled sharply, "That's not what I meant. I mean I don't want you to see me." He raked a hand through his hair, seeming to find speaking and eye contact difficult.

"Like this." He whispered gesturing to himself, glancing at me only to confirm my presence. "Vulnerable, broken, weak..."He slammed his fist down punctuating his last words.

I inched closer, "Why?"

His gaze met mine, "I just said..."

"No I mean why."

His face screwed up in confusion it was a good look for him.

"Why don't you want me to see you."  I tilted my head at him, "You look the same to me."

It wasn't the response he was expecting, a small smile teased at the corner of his mouth.

He still seemed unsure, "There is just so much-"

"I know, and it's okay." I stood only a foot away now, "It's okay to be those things."

I brushed off the top of the bottle with my sleeve. "In fact your more human now, then I have ever seen you." I took a small sip.

He watched me curiously, something flickered in his eyes. He stood up,and closed the gap between us.

"Really," he said with a devilish grin, smiling down at me like the proper rogue that he was.

I stepped closer, our noses were almost touching, "Yes," I hissed, "Still every bit a cad."

His hand grazed mine as he unceremoniously ripped the bottle from my hands, and clumped back to his chair. He raised the bottle in my direction, "And you are nothing like the desperate damsel I asked for."

I raised my invisible glass in turn and we toasted.

That was how we spent the evening on opposite ends of the long table, with both of us making a point ignoring the shattered glass.

I think they need marriage counseling personally, but they seem to be okay.


  1. Have I mentioned how much I love that you chose Tom Hiddleston for a character model? Because it's pretty brilliant, tbh. Anywhooo, this was really good. And I love how most of the prompts you do circle back to these characters and their world. :D

    1. Thanks! He just seemed to be the perfect fit, plus he is nice to look at. :D
      I'm glad you like it, I was hoping no one would get bored of them.


    1. :D This comment!!!

  3. Gotta love those two, they get along so well! :P I liked how you took the prompt and ran with it. Can't wait to hear more of them in future. :)

    1. Ya they are my version of an ideal relationship :)

      Hopefully soon, they have taken the spotlight lately.


    Belle is so great, how she just struts in there, fearless, and snatches the bottle from him. XD PERFECT. And he doesn't want her to see him like that but she sees him as a human being and just SLDKJFLDJSLJSDJFLJDF. THEY ARE SO PERFECT. <33333

    (By the way, what movie are most of the gifs you use for William from?)

    1. Eeeeep!!!

      If anything I think he is scared of her. :D
      This was just what I needed to hear. <3

      I haven't watched it myself, because of the content, but it's called 'Only Lovers left Alive' and I believe Hiddles plays a vampire.

      I saw a picture of him, and was like Yes, this will work.

  5. OMG!!! *dies* This is great! You have a real knack for writing quirky, crazy, cool characters. I love how sassy they both are. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure all of my characters need serious trips to a psychologist. XD

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I don't know what to say... :D

      I think pretty much all my characters need some kind of mental help.

  6. *screams and flails* Ah, I love this!

    They probably do need marriage counseling. Unless that's what Belle's attempting to do herself. XD I especially love the end. She calls him a cad and he calls her. . . a not damsel in distress? I them so much. They are my favorite!

    I do see why William doesn't want her of all people to see him. It's just so natural yet contradictory. We want to hide from our loved ones because we love them and don't want to put them through the real us. But at the same time, we love them and we want to be close to them. And since they love us, they are the only ones who will love us despite us being messed up and all the pain we cause. I've always thought it was such a paradox that we cause the most pain for the ones we love because of the fact that we love them and are close to them and can be ourselves with them. Humans and life are just so strange that way.

    Okay, that was a wild tangent. And I probably ought to do my Starting Sparks story sometime too. But I am so stumped over it.

    1. *Screams and Fails* with you, Eeep really!

      They do, I think she is attempting to, but failing. He he they are so weird.

      Oh good, you understood what I was attempting to explain. He struggles with this more than any of my other characters. He has so many trust issues and he is a bit prideful. Love is a paradox really at least human love.

      I love your tangents they really make me think, and they show that you truly understand William's psyche. I can't wait to read yours.

  7. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *fangirl pterodactyl shrieks for all eternity*

    I just love them! I always enjoy your blog posts about them (not that I don't love all of your posts already!). I can't say this enough, but I am absolutely in love with their banter.

    I think that they'll be okay too. Haha, but I just had a revelation: aren't all the good characters the crazy ones? XD

    1. Omigoodness I got pterodactyl shrieks, another writing goal made.

      Thank you so much! Your comments are the best!

      Yes, yes they are.

  8. Well done - and I'm glad you used Hiddleston, too. :)

    1. Thanks, love him I couldn't help myself.

  9. Oh my gosh. Marriage counselling really would be for the best...though William would just insult the counselor horrifically and probably reduce them to a bundle of blubbering tears. How can they be so terrible and so terrific all at once? I literally sat there through it thinking 'yeah, she needs to dump this guy. Move along. The cad....but I love William and she must stay with him.".....quite the dilemma.

    1. Ha Ha ya, I think they need a couple sessions. You're right though William would be dreadful. I have no idea, but I like how we share the same feelings for them.
      He is horrible, but wonderful. :D

  10. Ohhhh this was a lovely use of the prompt! I really enjoyed reading it :-)

  11. DAAWWW THIS WAS AWESOME. Not what I was expecting with that sort of prompt, but you took the emotions in this scene and showed them beautifully. They probably do need counseling of some kin, but I also got feelings reading this. So. <3

    Also, I tagged you for an award. Obviously, don't feel obligated to do it, but if you want to, here's the link. :) http://thessalexa.blogspot.com/2016/05/tag-week-liebster-award-2016.html


    1. :D I'm glad you think so. I always try to make them as different as possible. They do, mission accomplished :D <3

      Thank you so much, I am super behind on tags, but I will try to get to it.

  12. Skye, thank you so much for linking up! I'm so sorry I've taken such a long time to read it. So, I know you have a fairytale world thing going on (I've read before about Red Riding Hood, Peter and the Wolf etc). So if these are Belle and William ... are they Beauty and the Beast?! Because if so that is an AWESOME reinterpretation of the fairytale!

    Also your use of the word cad made me smile XD

    1. I love these, you guys always pick such great prompts. No problem, thank you for reading. Ya, they are all from my fairy tale inspired novel.

      They definitely are, Ya, I did something right then. Thanks!

      One of my favorite words ;)