3 May 2016

The State of My Heath and The X Files

Since I prematurely published a post, I thought I better post a real one tonight to make up for it.

I`m back!

I rested which was actually nice. I felt guilty sure, but I did it anyways. My family caught the stomach bug, and I was sick for a week so I started binge watching the X Files. My parents think it`s funny that I am enamored with a show they used to watch. They also think I`m weird, because now I quote it all the time. I am basically Mulder.

I have no social life, and I don`t care enough to do anything about it. I have people I could call, but I prefer binge watching shows and eating pickles.

 After that flu was over with I had about three days of  health, before I started getting a cold. My immune system is crap, but that is nothing new. I have had health issues all my life, when I was younger I got horrible migraines and stomach aches, turned out to be caused by food allergies. I am allergic to dairy, wheat, peanuts, and the whole human race. Erhm I mean pollen.

The food ones aren`t horrible, so I have gone on various diets, but always went back to eating everything. This year I didn`t bounce back like I used to, I got super run down. I felt horrible, I had one of those moments, where I knew I had to change this. So long story short, I am now on a somewhat Paleo diet, I allow myself my few vices sugar in the form of pop, chips, and sour patch kids. Mostly I have been eating pretty healthy, and feeling better for it.

 To add to my sickness however, my pollen allergies came with the spring, ever since I was twelve I have had small to severe reactions to pollen. One of the worst I ever had started as a bunch of bumps on my fingers which then spread to my face and it swelled up to what my Dad swears was similar to a pumpkin. My throat closed up, I got to the hospital in time, but it was still one of the scariest moments of my life. That was a severe reaction, most times my eyes swell, tongue itches, which warns me that my throat might close, so I take Benadryl. I didn`t get an Epi Pen til last year.

I`m like Gansey guys!! ( kudos to whoever gets that reference)

It would be nice to say I grew out of this allergy, but I seem to have one almost every year. I reacted badly to our Christmas Tree one year, and ended up with a scaly rash up both arms and my face. Nothing like spending Christmas in the E.R. I usually have to take steroids to deal with the hives.

You might be wandering why I am suddenly bring all of this up, it`s not to complain. I am so used to my allergies now, that they are just a part of life to me now. It`s just to help explain what`s going with me at the present. My dad and I went kayaking on the lake, it was lots of fun and I hope to do it again this summer, but a lot of water splashed on me and I was wearing pants, simply because I had no shorts, and now I have those itchy hives all over my legs.

They haven`t spread yet, so I am hoping they just go away. In other words life is steadily improving.

Thanks for hanging in there!


  1. You said "Epi Pen" and I thought "GANSEY!"


    Eck, it must stink to be so allergy to things. :P (Sour patch kids are the best way to have sugar/ rebel. Just saying.) Especially if you're allergic to a Christmas tree. BUT I am glad you are back and starting to feel better. Take a break/rest is a good thing from time to time. :)

    I've never seen the X-Files but now I'm kinda curious and think I ought to watch it now. My parents think I'm a little weird too. My mom saw that I was reading The Dream Thieves and was "You read weird books now." But she doesn't really like anything that's fantasy or sci-fi or. . . not normal. Aka: what I read and write. A bit awkward.

    I'm excited that you're back!!

    1. Ha ha, this is why you are my favorite.

      It does, but you get used to it. Sour patches are the best things. I missed blogging a lot.

      It`s pretty funny with some creepy moments. Mulder and Sculley have this friendship that doesn`t exist in nowadays television. Your mom sounds excatly like my mom, she generally doesn`t like any of my books or movies.


  2. Oh man, Skye! I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. As someone who has a lot of health problems and has a brother who's allergic to basically every food in existence, I know how difficult it can be.

    Never, ever feel guilty for resting and recuperating when you need to. Don't push yourself. Sometimes we NEED a break. That is fine.

    I'm glad to hear life is improving at least a little. I hope it continues to. *huggles*

    1. Could be worse, but thanks for caring! :D It`s nice to have someone who understands.

      I have issues with that, but I`m working on it. Taking a break was just what I needed.

      So far it`s been going good. *Hugs*

  3. Aw man allergies are the worst! I'm glad that things are getting better now, and I hope that they continue to improve! I loved all the gifs. :D

    1. Ya, their not much fun. Thanks, me too.

  4. Aw, that's awefull! I'm glad you're feeling better now!

    Hang in there!

    One time I had a horridly annoying cough that lasted almost 2 months, and ever since then I've had something similar to bronchitis at least once a year, sometimes more.

    1. Thanks!

      Sounds horrible funny how stiff like that works.

  5. Wow, that's a lot going on! Glad you're back though! And I hope things continue to improve for you. :)

    LOL, I love all your gifs. And I definitely make that face when I panic too.


    1. It's nice to be back, things have calmed down.

      Don't we all :D