17 Jun 2016

Beautiful People #18 // Childhood Edition

It's time for Beautiful People.

I sometimes think these are the only posts I do, that seems pretty accurate. Beautiful People is a link up hosted by the Book Dragon Cait and the jewel that is Sky

Childhood, this is actually a great one, because all you have seen of Walter so far is tragic sarcasm. It will be nice to go back to when he was a little human.

1.What are your first childhood memory?

ummm I think it was ....uh

 2. What were your best and worst childhood experiences?

Both involved a bat, not like I was beaten or something. I played baseball.
I wasn't very good.

3.What was your childhood home like?

Average, middle class home.

4.What’s something that scared you as child?

Clowns... the dark, the usual.

5.Who did you look up to most?


6. Favourite and least favourite childhood foods? 

and probably anything that didn't come in a box.

7. If you had your childhood again, would you change anything?

I would hug them a lot more, I wouldn't let them die.

8. What kind of child were you? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

All of them.

9. What was their relationship to their parents and siblings like?

Good, I mean my dad was cop so he was a little strict, but we got along.

10.  What did you want to be when they grew up, and what did you actually become?

An astronaut probably, but I became a Zombie



  1. STILES!!!
    I mean, um, Walter!!
    He seems to have had a pretty average and quiet childhood then? Pizza is good. :') Pizza is the stuff of heaven. And I'm loving your answer to #8. 😂 He must've been FUN as a kid. heheh.

    Thanks for joining in, Skye! :D

    1. Ha ha every time, Stiles is the best.

      Basically ;) I want pizza!
      he he, yup he was a total brat.

      Thanks, I love these link ups.

  2. Well Beautiful People is the BEST, so why not? XD Loved this one, and your gif usage is flawless as usual. ;)

    "Clowns... the dark, the usual." Haha! :D

    ...7 made me sad. D:

    I'm wondering if his answer to #9 was sarcastic, given the gif of him chained to a desk. XDD Mayyybe he didn't actually get along with his dad after all? (Or am I just making up stuff.)

    10: CHILLS. O___O

    This was cool -- I love the Childhood theme! :) (I actually just wrote one with Teague but it won't post till like a week from now... But it will be around eventually. :P)


    1. Ha ha thanks, I strive for flawless gif usage.

      all of my childhood fears.

      No, his dad did it as a joke, they are super close. His dad cares about him.

      *evil author grin* :D

      Me too! Omigosh Teague as a kid, why do I think of Howl as Twinkle ;)


    This is somehow fascinating, hilarious, and sad all at the same time. Sad because of #10! D: D: D:

    But he's so great! The answer to #8 killed me. XD He's just so the best. And all the gifs! <333

    1. Ha ha, perfect name.

      Just what I was going for *laughs manically*

      I'm glad you liked it :D

  4. Ohmygosh I love all the gifs! SO funny. XD I was totally not expecting #10, and it hit me and I was like: "woah. Ok. Did not see that coming."
    Awesome post! :D

    1. Thank you so much <3

      What a plot twist, right. XD

      Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for commenting!

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for all the sweet comments you leave on my blog! They make my day! and hey look its dylan!

    1. Your Welcome :D
      Thanks for commenting on mine.
      Gotta love Dylan.

  6. AH! I love Walter so much! He's so hilarious and typical teenage boy. It's weird, because he's not cliched, he's just so very REAL and relatable. And his sarcasm is my favorite. You know that fangirl moment when you just shrug up your shoulders and grin? That is me right now.

    Love his answer for #8. And that gif. XD Seriously, aren't all kids curious, wild, quiet, and devious at various points of life?

    Pizza! Ruler of all foods!

    I really like his answer for #2 also. It makes me think of Noah in The Dream Thieves when he's like, "There's a pool table now! I'm the worst at pool ever! It's WONDERFUL!" (Noah is such an adorable, squishy little ghost.) I actually had that Noah moment a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine was like, "Do you want to play pool?" I didn't know how except that you hit the balls in the pockets and you don't hit the eight ball, but I tried! It was so much fun! And I was awful at it. XD I could hardly hit the balls. I did make one bounce off the table somehow though? And she didn't know where to place it. She was like, "Um, that's never happened. I'm not sure there's a rule about that." Anyhow, the game ended when someone *cough* pocketed the eight. But it was WONDERFUL!

    Ahem, also, that was the best gif usage in the history of gif usage. I like that Walter looks like O'Brien. He makes some of the best faces. XD

    1. Good, he needs some love in his life. ;)

      I'm glad he sounds like a typical teenage boy, getting his annotation and voice right can be really hard. Omigoodness you had a fan girl moment, I got like that when I saw Moriarty in the Through the Looking Glass. :D

      Yes, yes they are.

      Eeeep I love Noah, he is hilarious and squishy. I haven't seen a pool table since I was eight, but I always wanted to play. That sounds like a lot of fun, I love doing things I'm not good at and just messing around with it. I don't understand the rules like why can't you hit the eight ball, it's so confusing. I like that you get to hit things with a stick, that part is fun.

      Thank you, it takes forever to find the perfect gifs. His expression are so good, I'm always laughing.

  7. #7 THO. MY HEART. <-- accurate representation of my heart right now.

    1. wait, where did my heart go?? I think the comment maybe thought it was html because it had a < ?? Anyway, it was a broken heart, trust me.

    2. Awwww! I feel kinda bad now ;)

      He has had a pretty rough go of it.

      As an writer, broken hearts make me just as happy as whole ones. :D