19 Jun 2016


So I have been slowly getting my groove back with my writing, art, and photography. During a slow week I started thinking about what motivates me, and what or who inspires me to create. So I thought I would share some of the things behind my artistic genius.., ha ha ha.

Pinterest- This one is as much of a distraction as a help, I swear I'm not on for five minutes and I want to draw, paint, write, and cook. It's very inspiring. Here is the link to mine, if you want to see the madness that is my mind. https://www.pinterest.com/skyehoffert/

Books- this one is slightly obvious, this one is probably the best for me. Because there is nothing like going on an adventure. The best for inspiration are Diana Wynne Jones, J.R Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Meggie Stiefvater and even you, you lovely people, your stories aren't even finished and they inspire me. Tracey , The Brightest Thread and your friendship will always be really special to me. Christine Smith   , Burning Thorns is a delight, and you put up with my fangirling and squealing. Jack, I have only read snippets, but I am already emotionally invested in your characters and in your crazy life. Ashley, Our shared love for your characters and Sherlock, always make my day. I am going to move to Texas one day, just to hang out with out with you. Ely, Your writing is so vivid and raw, it makes me put that much more effort in with my own. Esther, Not only are you one of the sweetest bloggers I know, you are a very talented writer, who is constantly putting out new content. Deborah, I couldn't forget you, not only are you a huge encouragement, I adore your characters and their sass, mostly Teague though, I'll be honest.


 Nanalew- This girl defines what I think Youtube should be, her videos are awesome.

You should watch her short film Mara and Chen.

Tessa Violet

She was my first Youtuber, I loved her crazy hair and creativity.


She is so talented, pretty, and makes me want to write music.

Katrin Depp

Her videos are phenomenal and give me feels. She also has great taste in tv shows.

The Hillywood Show 

Two incredibly talented sisters, with awesome ideas.


Music has a huge part in the creative process for me, I like almost every genre.

Florence and the Machine, has an ethereal sound.

Owl City is my other favorite 

Twenty One Pilots


There you go things that inspire me.


  1. Just reading this was inspiring!! (And aawwwwgshhh, you darling! Your friendship, and also reading Kiss My Eyes, are so special to me too. <3)

    I'm not on Pinterest (yet?), and I haven't decided whether or not that's a good thing... XD

    OWL CITY, YESSSHHH. I'll have to check out some of the YouTubers you mentioned.

    I'm so glad you're slowly getting back into the creative groove. Those dry seasons are no fun, and my heart went out to you in the last little while as you had a season like that. *huggles*

    1. That's good I was hoping it would be. He he thanks, :D

      I'd say yes, it's really nice for story boards.

      Ya!!! Adam Young is a genius.

      Slowly, and I'm working two jobs right now so my time is limited. I feel it all coming back though. Your so sweet *hugs*

  2. AHH I just found doddleoddle a little while ago, and I really like her videos. She's super adorable and her voice is amazinggg. o.o

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. She is so good, I'm just in awe of her voice!

  3. AHHH! I need to check out all of these Youtubers! I've got to say though, youtube is yet another black hole in which I can easily get lost, despite the fact that it's so inspiring. XD Florence and the Machine! Yas! You have great taste in music, Skye. (-:

    1. You should they're amazing! It's definitely a black hole. I get lost all the time in it. You like Florence and the Machine too! It's so good. Thanks :D

  4. Thank you for sharing your inspirations! I reckon reading other stories really helps inspire me to write my own, or is that a bad thing, because effectively I'm getting an idea from an idea...

    The Life of Little Me

    1. :D It was fun! That's the problem isn't it, wanting to be original, but somehow all of our ideas are secondhand. Thanks for reading. :)

  5. I love your pinterest. I think at least a third of my pins are ones you've pinned first. XD It is really inspiring. I always want "draw that" or "write that." And then I want to do ALL THE THINGS and I get overwhelmed and do nothing. :P BUT it is good inspiration.

    Okay, so I watched that Mara and Chen short film. That was the best! XD It was so hilarious. I love how the hostage just rolled with it and the first thing he said was, "I'm fat?!" Did they make Victor Loki-ish on purpose or is it just me?

    Aaaah! And I love that song by Doddleoddle, My Face. I think I'll have to follow her. She's funny. And those were good lyrics. (It takes me five tries to spell 'lyrics' every time. . .)

    I find inspiration in books often too. And tv shows/movies. And music. I could probably write three very different stories out of a single Switchfoot song. XD I love their music. It always makes me think deeply and think of stories.

    Awesome post!

    1. I love yours too, your always pinning Loki or Sherlock, two of my favorite things. It's like inspiration overload, but almost every time I'm too tired to follow up on it.

      YOU WATCHED IT! Sorry I just really love it. I think we need a tv show or movie like it. I thought he was Loki-ish too! It must have been on purpose.

      I like listening to it in the morning, it builds up my self esteem. She makes songwriting look effort less. :D

      I love that when a song is so good, it just keeps giving you ideas. I love Switch foot, I really like Dare you to Move and Saltwater heart.

  6. Oooh, this was so fun. So much inspiration!

    PINTEREST. YES. It's a paradox, because it makes me so productive and yet takes up like all my time. BUT ALL THE INSPIRATION.

    And oh my goodness gracious. You put ME there? ME and my story? YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS!!! Your art and pinterest and blogging and allll your adorable characters and amazingly unique story ideas inspire me too, girl. You're the BEST. <3

    I need to check out these YouTubers, I've shamefully never heard of any of them. o.o

    OWL CITY IS LIFE. His whimsical music just makes my imagination soar.

    I hope your motivation to create continues to return! I know first hand how hard that is being unmotivated.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

      I love and hate it, it's like a bad relationship.

      But of course! Your story is marvelous, and made me cry. Those two honestly, they are my OTP, I only have like ten. You are Precious too, Precious ;) I feel like Smegol *Gollum...Gollum*

      You should they are all incredibly talented beings.

      I know his stuff always puts me in a good mood.

      Me too, I hope I don't lose them again :D

    2. My Dragon and Rose are one of your main OTPs? I...I have no words! You just made my LIFE. <333333

    3. But of course, those two are adorable. complete OTP, which is why I cry when you break them apart, you evil authoress!! ;)

      I'm glad, your characters need recognition, they are awesome!

  7. This was a sweet post! (By the way, I'm 60% sure this is the fourth post of yours I've commented on today. Aren't you lucky to have a stalker like me?? ....) I've followed you on Pinterest! (Most of you anyway XD ) It is the best but also such a drain on time D:'

    Also I love Florence SO MUCH <333

    1. Thanks. Ha ha, yes I love having a stalker like you, stalk away!
      Awesome, I followed you back, love your boards. I know all my time goes to that sight.

      She is amazing!