14 Jun 2016

Life and Other Problems

I blame my lack of inspiration and miserable procrastination, on well nothing really. I'm not sure why I have found myself unable to do emailing things and blogging lately.

Good news is I have been busy none the less, I have been reading extraordinary amounts of books. If you follow me on Goodreads you will see no evidence of this, but when I do get around to cataloging all my reads it will be surprising.

I have been doing things, many things.

Art has been happening, I have found a bunch of art contests this year and I am thinking of entering some. I might also attempt to do a collection thing and submit it to a local gallery. I also drew three pieces for this 50's type diner place, I hope they accept them. It's been nice sketching and playing around with different ways of drawing. I have also been doing a bit of painting.

On the writing front, it's been mostly snippets and plotting. Nothing that I can share sadly, they are all scattered about.

'The Sherlock Retelling' is in research mode, because I want it to be perfect.

'Bleeding Roses' is experiencing plot issues, I'm not sure what I actually want to add to the main story, William's past is turning out quite dark. No surprises there.

'The Zombie Story' is really frustrating to write so I have been outlining.

'Grace like Rain' is getting a complete redo.

'The Unhappening ' is the only one I have fun writing, but it needs plot.

'The Song of the Fairons ' series  needs serious edits and rewriting, plus plot tweaking before I continue with the third book.

'Kiss My Eyes' needs a lot of editing and some additions, before e publishing.

My  Goblin King's story is always there floating in my mind waiting for it's time. I kinda want to write an X files inspired novel, and maybe another retelling. I keep getting new ideas actually, I can't keep up.


I have been taking lots of pictures but I rarely posted, I lost my Photoshop so I don't like to show untouched photo's but I did a photo shoot of Kaz from Six of Crows and had to share. Note: These had to be edited with a crappy editing thing, and they are not up to my usual standard, I think I might have to try again at some point.

I also did the White Queen.

Sorry for the random update, just wanted to say Hi! and basically admit to being a horrible blogger.

I have sooo much I should be doing.


  1. For someone who is feeling uninspired, this post was actually quite inspiring. My exams have just finished and here I am looking for something new to do, and now I feel like writing something. I shouldn't be aimlessly making plans and watching TV. I should start a project. I should write a story or a few.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I'm glad it inspired you, I thought is was going to be really boring. You should write something. Tv is one of my weakness too

  2. I completely understand. Even though I started summer school about 2 weeks ago, I've been procrastinating the heck out of life. And hardly doing anything I'm supposed to. And I've been really uninspired to work on any of my stories as well. Which since I have about a million WIPs, you'd think that wouldn't be a problem. ;)

    1. Procrastination is all I ever seem to do well :)

      I hope you get some inspiration soon.

  3. I completely understand - my schedule has been insane. Basically the only reason posts have been appearing regularly on my blog is because I have so much scheduled ahead of time!

  4. I love getting updates from you, so don't even think about apologizing for that!

    Oh my goodness gracious, girl, YOUR ART. O__O I don't think I've seen much of it. YOU NEED TO POST MORE. SO MUCH TALENT. That is soooo cool you're submitting it to things. I hope all that works out. :D

    All your stories sound so amazing. I'm sorry you're stuck on a lot. I understand that feeling. My motivation for editing Burning Thorns has been slacking lately... Such a problem.

    YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. I ADORE the hauntingly beautiful style you always have. The feathers and cards are so epic. And the WHITE QUEEN. GAH. Gorgeous!

    You're just so talented!

    1. Awe thank you, *blushing*

      I'm nervous about posting, because there are so many better people out there. Thank you, I decided this is year to put myself out there.

      That's the problem they all sound good, but writing them is impossible.Editing is horrible, I understand, but I adore Burning Thorns.

      Thanks, I'm having fun with props lately, I have so many feathers :D

      As are you, so that means a lot to me. <3

  5. AHH I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS. Such an epic Kaz photoshoot! That is so so awesome. *flails* And omg you're writing a Sherlock retelling! HUZZAH! Those honestly my favourite and I always dash out after them if I see one in the library. :')
    Anyway, I hope you get your blogging spark back soon! But good for you for reading a ton anyway. ;D

    1. Thanks Cait! :D I'm glad you like them, I was hoping they would turn out. Yes, slowly, but it's happening. Mine too, I still have quite a few to read.

      Me too, ya at least I'm not in a reading slump too. ;)

  6. Oh my goodness the art is fantastic!! I love it. I hope you keep getting things figured out with your writing. Ooooh the pictures are so cool. Even without the good photoshop.

    1. Thank you, I really needed to hear that. Me too... :P

      I still squint at them seeing all the problems.

  7. Girl, I know what you mean! I have been so lacking in blogging inspiration, etc... lately, especially now that school is over for the year. But I'm going on a summer trip to Oregon, so that ought to help. (-: Fabulous drawings and photography! Vintage is the best... Also, the photo with the cards is absolutely amazing!

    1. It sucks, especially when you want to write something, anything and your brain is like no. Sounds lovely. Thank you so much, I adore vintage things.


  8. I'm sorry you're lacking inspiration... I'm very much on the same page and quite stuck in all my stuff. :P Like you said, at least we can be stuck together. ;) Procrastination is where I am too a lot. >.>

    Ooh, I'm very curious now about all the books you've been reading! :O *hopes you'll do a post about it*

    OH MY GOODNESS I DIDN'T KNOW YOU DREW/PAINTED! THAT'S AWESOME! I hope that all goes well, and yes, I second Christine: do share more sometime, please! (That 50's poster thing looks EXACTLY like it's from back then. o.o Wowness.) I would LOVE to see some more! ^_^

    Snippets and plotting, yep, I'm there too... But aaahh I love seeing all your stories laid out like that! They all sound so interesting! Of course, I especially love Bleeding Roses (and no I'm not surprised William's past is dark. XD), and the Goblin King story... Ooh, I LOVE the title of The Unhappening! It makes me wonder what it's about... AAHH YOU'RE GOING TO WRITE A SHERLOCK RETELLING?? THAT IS SO SO COOL!!! :D

    KAAAAAAAAAAZZZZ! That is all. (Also, that pic with the book and cards and feathers is. perfection. o.o I adore it.) And White Queen with teacup! :D Your photoshoots are so fun. :)

    HI back! :D And you're not a horrible blogger at all! *huggles*

    Loved this post! ^_^

    1. It's nice that you understand, :D I wish I never procrastinated, but I do it everyday.

      I will be trying to give updates about that.

      Really? Oops I don't post about it enough. I'm a bit shy with my art. Thank you I'm glad you liked it. <3

      Yess, seeing all the unfinished books in a row. Actually encouraged me to get writing them. The Unhappening is the fairy tale one with Charlie and Isabella. I'm going to try :D, I'm glad your excited for it.

      Eeep, I'm glad you like them :)

      Hey, awww thanks. *huggsssss*

  9. hello *waves * I am just someone who started following your blog after reading your Pride and Prejudice and Zombies review. I thought you sounded like a talented person who had so many intelligent things to say.

    Sorry to hear you're in a slump for writing, I know it can be so hard especially when you're still bursting with story ideas.

    Is that your art? It's GORGEOUS! Good luck entering those art contests! I hope the words start flowing again soon!

    1. Hi! Thanks for following me. That's really sweet thanks.

      Slumps are the worst. I think I'm coming out of it. :)

      Yes it is, :D Thank you, your comment made my day.

  10. OH MY! Look all these lovely posts I must catch up on reading! (Clearly, I have been a slack blogger lately too. . .)

    I love your art piece! It's very 50s. I think that's awesome that you've been doing so much art and you SHOULD TOTALLY ENTER A CONTEST! That'd be awesome!

    Also, love, love your photos I've not read Six of Crows yet, but I'm getting the general idea. I want to read so much. And the White Queen too! I love how you did her make-up!

    Yay for reading! I'm trying to read more. But I've been trying to work a little at everything and so I feel like I'm getting nothing done. This transferring colleges is driving me mad. I hate paperwork. And I know what you mean about Goodreads too! I'll use it like a fiend and then just unexpected drop off the face of Goodreads. I finally got on it just now and updated a review-ish thing.

    I'm so glad writing is happening. Even if it's the planning stages. It's a lot easier to write if you've thought it out more (advice I probably should take myself). I'm sorry actually writing is difficult. It's kind of like that for me too. And I keep getting new ideas! Like two days ago I just got one and I want to give it a deep think, but I don't want to get distracted. It was like a Snow White retelling but it got awful dark awful fast because I didn't want Snow to be the gullible, senseless girl she's always depicted to be. :P

    Oh, and I hope your part-time job goes well. What are you doing?

    Okay, I'll stop since life is calling me away to clogging class. I'd rather do something else, but bah! I can't. Okay, okay. I'm going.

    1. :D He he I am guilty of that too!

      Thank you, the 50's is my favorite time period, so I might make more. I'm going to try the contest thing, but I'm scared.

      You must read it! I tried to capture it's atmosphere, but I'm not sure I succeeded. No one else in my family did, so that's encouraging.

      Yes, my TBR is still huge though, you go girl! You can do it, all the things! Me too, anything remotely adult and I hate it. I don't seem to use it all, but I am going to be changing that.

      So much planning, but I'm having fun. Yay for lots of ideas! A Snow White retelling sounds awesome, hope it is easy to write. :D

      Turned out to be not what I expected, I quit before I finished training. It was at a Portrait studio in Walmart, I was under the impression that I would do till and take pictures, instead there was a lot of sales stuff, and you had to approach random people and ask them if they wanted to get their picture taken, and I was like nooooo. It's fine though, gives me more time to concentrate on my art.

      Sad to see you go, hope you have fun clogging. :D

  11. Ohhh I totally know what you mean! Sometimes, it can seem and/or feel like you're doing nothing even though you're really committed to ALL THE THINGS, lol. Thanks for the update, btw. And I'd love to see more of your artwork. :)


    1. Yay in fact I am trying to do to many things, it's crazy. Glad it didn't bore you :D
      I will definitely try to post more of it!


  12. Love love love the painting, I hope the diner accepts it! Don't worry about taking a break, we all need it sometimes <3

    1. Thank you! that would be amazing! I always feel guilty, I just need to start enjoying them. <3