14 Feb 2017

All the Things

I honestly don't even know how to write a post anymore, it's been so long. I have so many possible topics and stories I could do. Posts that will be coming,

A Beautiful People ( Because my characters are feeling neglected)

My Day in Storybook (Because it was one of my coolest birthday presents, and I finally have the photos on my computer)

A few book reviews, on the other blog that I forgot existed ( I read some really good ones this month)

Random Photo shoots (Because I have begun editing my files upon files of photos)

A review of Series of Unfortunate Events ( The Netflix show, it was fabulous)

Sherlock, something about Sherlock ( still feeling emotionally unstable thanks to the last episode)

Maybe some sketch dumps, because I have been trying to do a picture a day. I have also been trying to do that with books it's been fun.

Probably some posts about the horror that is living on your own in a frozen wasteland.

Just thought I would let you guys know that I am still around, and I will be writing somewhat irregularly again, because I finally got  wi fi on my phone. It took a month of phone calls, incompatible sim cards, and a hour drive through a snowstorm.

Until next time.


  1. So good to hear from my Skye again! Wait... you went to Storybrooke?! :O THAT IS SO AMAZING. You must share stories and pics about that!

    1. Thanks Tracey, you make me feel so loved! I did, it was amazing! I will definitely be doing a post about it.

  2. AAAAAHH SKYE IS BACK! :D I'm honestly excited to read aaaall these things because they all sound amazing an fun!! *is still emotionally scarred from Sherlock too* Also congrats on your phone! :D

    1. :D I Am! I'm glad your excited, I am always worried about my posts being boring. This season was shocking, right!

  3. SKYE!!! *tackles and never lets go* IT'S SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU. I was honest to goodness thinking of you just the other day, missing you and hoping you were okay. I'm really glad to hear you have some internet access again! :D

    Wait wait wait. You spent a day in STORYBROOKE??? I MUST KNOW MORE. I'm looking forward to all these posts!

    And Sherlock...oh my gracious. I am scarred for LIFE from this last season. *collapses*

    1. Christine! omigoodness, I was going to email you the other day about your picture. I am sorry for taking so long on it, I will be finishing it soon, and I am whipping up a quick Larke sketch to go with it because I made you wait so long.
      Me too, I hated not being able to read anybodies posts.:D

      I did, it was so cool!

      So, I'm not alone, it broke me. *flailing*

    2. DO NOT APOLOGIZE. It sounds like you've been so busy!

      Wait, wait, wait. You're doing a sketch of Larke as well? SKYYYYYE. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH YOU AND YOUR NICENESS?????

      YOU ARE THE BEST. <333333

  4. Love this gifs! And the Sherlock earthquake one explains everything so perfectly. XD

    So glad things are going!

    PS School has killed me yet #notdead *cough*

    1. The earthquake moment was so funny!

      There going, just not sure where.

      That's good, how is it going?