17 Mar 2017

They have Taken the Bridge...

How about a little story time?
I love watching those youtube story time's and to be honest I kinda wished I had a channel simply for the purpose of sharing this story.

I'm not even sure where to start. Well, I will say for those of you who might not know. I am holed up in a drafty, smallish farm house. Somewhere west of nowhere and east of all civilization. It's cold on the good days and below freezing on the bad. The internet goes out more than I do, and my phone consistently drops calls.

The water tastes funny and has a yellow film in it, that leaves rings in the sinks, bathtub, and cups.
I boil it and put it in the fridge for an hour before sipping a drop. I am still convinced if I die it is because of whatever lurks unseen in the water. Alas, not even the water is reliable, it takes almost an hour to fill the tub and cleaning has to be done around whenever it decides to reappear.

We have all gotten used to half washed clothes and running the washer at least twice.

I thought after living here for no less than three months, I had dealt with all this house could possibly throw at me. Plugged sinks, burst water pipes, stuck cars, snow storms, and a door freezing shut. That last one required four hours, two blow dryers, some dedication, and a screwdriver.

I was gaining a bit of confidence, I had cooked a perfectly moist turkey, put in some smoke detectors, and laid out some mouse traps. People say I am not independent, puh, what do they know.

I had thought I was on the road to complete self reliance. Until one rather calm, and boring night. Nothing bad had happened that day it had been sometime after eleven when I finally gave into the call to sleep. I was sleeping peacefully, until I was woken by my cat.

She was running at full speed between my room and the kitchen. Back and forth, like some kind of game. I sat up intending to end the madness with a well placed pillow.

Only to see her chase an alarmingly large blob into my room. I wasn't wearing my glasses and for a brief moment, I had the terrible thought that it was a spider. I was no longer sleepy, I was terrified. I threw my glasses on and flicked the flashlight on my phone on.

My cat was digging through the stacks of books that make up my book tree. She has done that nearly every night, and I never once thought something could be hiding in between them.

Something jumped up onto them, it was a beady eyed big eared mouse.

I am not usually scared of mice, but this one looked more like a rat, it was really late, it was sitting on my books, on my precious books.

Even though it was five in the morning and we are two hours ahead of my parents. I did what any scared, very independent, young adult would do. I texted my Dad.

  At least my Dad still has his humor, even at three in the morning.

Loki chased it around for a good hour, with me encouragingly screaming 'get it, get it'  before she finally trapped it under my bed. I heard a sickening crack, and that was the end of the mouse. I had to grab it from her, before she could eat it, and I placed it outside the front door in a plastic bag. Due to the strong wind it was gone,when I looked for it at an more decent hour.

 My hero!


  1. OH MY GRACIOUS. I am sooo glad God created cats! Huzzah for Loki!!!

    I...I don't know how I would handle a mouse being in my room. O___O And on the PRECIOUS BOOKS???? Evilll! I'm really, really glad your cat was about to take care of that. *shudders* What an awful situation. Poor Skye!

    But your text with your dad. XDDD You guys are HILARIOUS. Your dad sounds golden.

    Also, I totally admire you for being so independent! You're so brave.

    (Speaking of YouTube story time videos, do you watch Olan Rogers? He's the BEST at those!)

    1. Me too! I would have had to just leave it!

      I handled it badly myself, thanks :D

      Ya, he is great for comic relief.

      Thanks, really not as independent as I sound, I am more codependent.:) If screaming from the bed is brave.

      I do, he is so funny. I get actual tears when watching him.

  2. Eep, what a horrible experience! Thank goodness for Loki the cat. <3 Aside from the horribleness, this was SUPER entertaining though. XD (That text!!!)

    It sounds like you are SO brave living there! :O I'm in awe. Keep surviving! <3 (Have you thought of getting a water filter, like a Berkey?)

    1. It was both horrible and humorous. Glad you enjoyed it!

      I didn't feel very brave at the time, luckily we are no longer living there the mouse problem got worse.

  3. Your writing style is so fun, Skye! And so are the texts between you and your dad. XD

    I would NOT want to touch a rodent, dead or alive. *shudders* At least you had Loki to rescue you!

    (Love your glasses, by the way. ^_^)

    (And as another parenthetical "by the way," I tagged you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! http://traceydyck.blogspot.ca/2017/03/tag-3-sunshine-blogger-award.html)

    1. Thanks!

      My exact feelings, Loki was so nice to have!

      Thanks, again. I will hopefully remember to do it. :)

  4. That's the best story ever!

    So I'm not particularly afraid of mice either, but if I was awoken in the middle of night by one and it was on my books, I would be a little perturbed.

    That is huge mouse though. O.O

    At least, Loki was there. :) Love that pic of you and him! I hope living in the cabin is going well! It sounds like there's never a boring moment (and so actually sounds like a lot of fun).

    1. :D

      I think it startled me more then anything, I am more afraid of the diseases they carry.

      Ya, it turned out to be a deer mouse. Which wasn't good, and the house was kinda infested so it ended up being a good thing. It was sometimes, and other times it was pretty rough.

  5. Haha what a great story! I love that you text your dad LOTR references and he gets them! I hope you have many great mouse-free days in your home :)

    1. It's kinda our thing, we watch movies and then quote them relentlessly. My mom is always like what are you talking about :D
      Me too!

  6. Wow, what a story! I can't say that I would have acted any calmer if a mouse was in my room when it was that dark... Yay for your cat! Thanks for sharing! :D

    1. Thanks for reading!
      Ya, it was unsettling.

  7. OH my gosh... I don't think I could deal, that is terrifying and hilarious and you're such a great story teller Skye. I've MISSED YOU AND YOUR BlOG!!!

    1. I'm sure you could, I am the biggest baby :) Thanks so much!
      Awww, I've missed you too!