26 May 2017

Storybrooke Trip

So for my twenty-second birthday (which was last summer, basically an eon ago)
My Dad had planned on flying me to New York and taking me to see Hamilton on Broadway.
I can't tell you how emotional I got when he told me that he was going to do that for me. I have an amazing dad, he doesn't even like musicals. I couldn't believe he was actually going to do it. He even had the money put aside but things happened, and we ended up not going.

I told him just the thought that he was going to, was enough for me. To be honest I'm kinda glad it fell through, because I would've felt bad. We have plenty of other things we could spend money on.
So he decided to take me to Storybrooke instead.

For those you who don't know Storybrooke is a fictional place where most of the show 'Once upon a Time' is filmed. Which is a fairy tale based show that twists up all the classics. I adore it!
It has one of my favorite villains of all time, Rumpelstiltskin!
I named my cat after him. The love is real!

Also this handsome devil

 Actually the whole cast is pretty fantastic, I would highly recommend. So of course, I was insanely excited for this trip.

I found out that Storybrook is filmed in a very real place called Steveson which happens to be only half a day's trip from where I live. Most of the time on any normal day you might only recognize a few things from the show, like Granny's or the Library. ( without the clock tower because that is CGI)

So basically a few times a month when they film, they have a crew come in and set up the Storybrook stuff, change some signs, park some cars with Maine on the license plate. They then film for one or two days then take it down.

We had really fantastic fish & chips, which is one of my favorite meals to have. Plus it was pretty foggy and chilly so it seemed to fit.

It's really cool, because all of the stores excluding Granny's are open while filming. They block off the areas that are filming and you have to wait until they yell, to be able to go down the street. A lot of people show up for it, so it's pretty cool.

It was raining, super hard that day, so sadly we didn't get to meet any of the actors. We watched them film some scenes from Street Rats, I think the episode was called, so the people I did see from a distance were Emma Swan and Aladdin. There was also this really cool looking extra in a blue coat and steampunk outfit. He walked past the window where we were eating, but I sadly didn't get a picture. We thought he was going to be a character, but he isn't even in any of the scenes. Not even the background (we were a little disappointed).  

We stood in the rain for over an hour, walk around, It's a super cool little town. Went into shops and hung out on the wharf, then we stopped for London Fogs to warm up, and went home.

All and all it was a pretty awesome day.


  1. AHHHH THIS IS THE COOLEST THING, SKYE!!!! *fangirling forever* Once Upon a Time is one of my absolute favorite shows (not that I watch very many, but shhhh). It's so cool you got to go! Your dad sounds pretty awesome. :) Too bad you couldn't meet very many actors, though. But Emma's yellow bug was in a picture! *squee*

    1. I know right, I was so jittery while we were there. I had to fan girl internally. It's so good!
      He is! Ya, that was a bit of a bummer, but getting to see it was amazing. I freaked out when I saw the bug. :D


    This was all SO fascinating. I had no idea the town was a place that still stays open when they're filming. That's so cool! AND YOU WERE THERE WHILE THEY FILMED???? I'm so sorry you didn't get to meet any of the actors, but I still think it's epic you saw Emma from the distance. AND HER YELLOW BUG. *fangirls some more*

    Thank you for sharing with us. This was sooooo fun!!!

    1. That's a perfect way to describe how I felt that day, a fan girl attack!I know I was so happy when I found out!

      It's really cool that they do that, because most sets aren't like that. It was raining the whole time so we were absolutely soaked, but it was really cool. So did I, the bug was the best. Love that bug!

      I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Wait, you mean the clock tower is CGI?!

    I am so cheated.

    *ahem* Anyway, that's so neat that you went to the filming sight and that you live so near to it! I would've never thought that they'd have to do things like park cars with Maine license plates, but that makes so much sense. XD Also, I was rather excited to see Emma's yellow car. (and the gifs of Rumple and Hook; I think that's one of my fav Hook gifs). Also, you're very beautiful.

    Looks like you had a great time!

    1. The clock tower is CGI, I know I was shocked.

      Mr. Gold's store is also just a front, I don't know where they shoot the inside scenes. I know it was so cool to see all the little touches. Love the car, it's definitely one of mine.
      Thanks, I think I look terrible in these pictures. I didn't wear any makeup, and I had gained a lot weight. Thanks though.

      We did!

  4. Awww, this is so cool! Glad you had a lovely time! This place looks so story-esque; I feel like you could just soak in the story being there.


    1. It was really cool, and yes it seems like a place straight out of a book.