5 Jun 2017

My Creative Process ( Part one)

I am trying to start posting every Wednesday. Can you guys believe, that I am trying to follow a schedule, *gasp* It's not Wednesday today of course, but I am going to post on Wednesday too.

Anyway, so I thought I would do a post about my creative process. Every artist has their own, and I think mine is crap. It's not a how to, just saying.

This time, I started with a gigantic canvas, that my mom got for $4.00 at a yard sale. I used two tubes of cheap, acrylic white to give it an uneven, splotchy base coat. It has a lovely dusting of cat hair throughout.

I have had my idea for a bit, I have decided to do a collage tribute of the fourth season of Sherlock. I spent hours on the web collecting the pictures I want to use. (Keep in mind that I keep changing and adding things in my head)

I also stay in my pajamas because comfort, is a must. Don't be afraid to do that first mark you are going to erase everything at least twice, so in the inspiring words of Shia Labeouf, "JUST DO IT!"

Lines are starting to form which is good, of course your going to end up drawing your subject too small and have to move him a few inches to the right, but don't worry about that.

Smile awkwardly, realize you will never be Monet.

Drink tea, and reflect.
Eat lunch, food helps.

Erase, erase, be overcome with crippling self doubt.

When you start to see something that slightly resembles a face looking at you. It's a good sign.

Add more detail, then erase, then add more....then erase.

Erase the whole thing and make it bigger and move it up higher, and hate it with a passion.

Note that you can still see the first one, ignore his smudgy gaze. You have two eyes that don't match, and that is something.

I would like to say this was the last time, but he sat like this for a month,while I moved. Then I erased him again.

I made a cake to celebrate my artistic failure
 I then watched La La Land and cried.

This is what a typical day looks like for me as an artist. I hope you enjoyed it, if you want to see Sherlock with paint make sure to check back on Wednesday for part two.
I hope this at least made you laugh or smile. Life is funny and it's good to laugh at yourself sometimes.


  1. Although I'm not nearly as artistic or skilled at drawing as you, I feel like we have similar creative processes. When I write, I often re-write and re-write and re-write, and then leave it for a month, and then come back and start over again... Looking forward to seeing the finished product!! :D

    1. I may have squealed, at the artistic part. High five for being a perfectionist. I'm like that in my writing too!
      Thanks :D

  2. I see why some artists have difficulty parting with their pieces. They put so much into a painting. And they go through so many emotions of self-doubt, hope, hate, love, anger, fear, joy, whimsy. It's like they build a relationship with their work, especially since it takes so much time to finish. I really enjoyed this. I don't really paint. It's such a different beast (than, you know, doodling XD) and it's really neat to learn more about what it looks like.

    "Drink tea, and reflect" is my fav step.

    1. It is like a relationship, a weird misunderstood relationship. Its cool that you got all that from this post.
      I love that a different beast, I agree their both really different. I'm glad you enjoyed.

      It's a daily thing for me :D