9 Aug 2017

Beautiful People # 27

Welcome back, it is once again time for my favorite link up thing. It's hosted by the lovable Cait and Sky

I had a perfect choice for this month, and it's...

(drum roll)

 Chayse, who I have had described as a fire dancer boy, thanks Maddie

He is from 'Falling Snow' which is my Snow White retelling for the Roogle Wood Press contest

Here is the link to the pinterest board for it  Falling Snow

For clarity's sake my version is set in a fantastical version of a 1940's ish circus.

This is Chayse, minus the nose ring but details.

1. What are you addicted to/can’t live without? 

My jacket, which is a well worn monstrosity and my cats.

His "cats" to clarify are tigers and lions.


2. Name 3 positive and 3 negative qualities about yourself.

This is a terrible question. I can't think of anything positive




 He has a lovely singing voice.

Shut up!

3. Are you holding onto something  you should get rid of?

My mother *cough* I mean bitterness.

4.  If 10 is completely organized and 1 is completely messy, where do you fall on the scale?

I really don't give a flying-

Well, that answers that. I would put that down as a one.

5.  What most frustrates you about the world you live in?

The hierarchy and misuse of power. 

6.   How would you dress for a night out? How would  you dress for a night in?

Like a hobo.

I happen to think it's nice.

He will wear his ratty, yet well made coat. Paired with his usual shirt, pants, and boots. He puts a lot of effort into his effortless look. As for going out his mother has made him wear all kinds of things, so something lavish. 

I am a man of many sides.


7.How many shoes do you own, and what kind?

One pair of falling apart boots.

One long lasting pair of boots.

8.  Do you  have any pets? What pet do you WISH you had?

My cats

His beasts, no normal person has those kind of pets. 

9. Is there something or someone that you resent? Why and what happened?

*cough* Mother and Prince Trillion, simply because he annoys me.

*cough* Mommy issues 

10.  What’s usually in your fridge or pantry?

He has an insatiable sweet tooth.

Sweets and raw meat


The meat is for the cats.


I spent almost two hours sorting through blonde models and actors. I had to sit there and look at wildly attractive dudes for this post. I hope you guys know the sacrifices I make for you.

Also if you read this and thought omigoodness I need this story in my life. You can beta it if you want, just tell me in the comments. So far I have sent off the first two chapters.


  1. This sounds awesome. I love posts about characters. I also love how you made it look like you were having a conversation with your character. That was funny. Awesome job!

    God bless you!


    1. Thanks, they are so fun to write. I enjoy interrogating my beasties.
      Thanks again, for reading and commenting.

      You too!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this character!!!!! Poor you, having to sit there and look at all those cute actors and models. Must have been so hard XD


    1. I'm so glad! It was really rough, but I did it. ;)

  3. "The meat is for the cats." Ha, ha! I love the way you wrote this! It's awesome. Methinks your character is a little on the snarky side. And I love fairy tale retellings!!!
    Fantastic post!


    1. Glad you liked it! Thank you! Just a smidge.

      :D I will check out your post.

  4. I VERY much appreciate your sacrifice and struggle to find the perfect one.
    Love getting to hear more about him

  5. I WON'T EVEN LIE ABOUT HOW RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED I WAS WHEN I SAW YOU CHOSE CHAYSE. It's sooo great getting a closer look at him! :D :D :D And oh my word, this was so fantastic. His short, snarky answers are killing me.

    I kind of love how he puts effort into his effortless look. His layered, grungy look is pretty epic!

    Now I'm verrrry curious about his mom and the issues there. o.o I MUST READ CHAPTER TWO. It's been kiiiiilling me that I haven't had time. BUT I'M GOING TO. SOON.

    1. THAT JUST MADE MY DAY! I'm so glad you liked it. He is pretty snarky.

      I kinda do that, so he stole it. Yay you like the grunge.

      So many issues. Eeep I hope you like it. I understand, you've been busy, no rush.

  6. I saw you posted a beautiful people and was literally chanting to myself "Please be Chayse, please be Chayse..."
    (And then I screamed and scared my family. Whoops)

    I am literally DYING for Chapter Three. If Roogle Wood Press doesn't choose your story, you HAVE to publish it. (So I can buy a dozen copies of it and sleep on them or something)

    1. Omigosh this comment! It made me so unbelievably happy.

      Thank you for your support Mary Kate! It means the world to me, the fact that you want to read it! You are going to make me cry. <3