24 Jan 2018

Character Chats

"For having commitment issues, you are unnervingly consistent in one thing."

I tried to ignore the baiting words, cigarette smoke catching in my lungs. I rolled my eyes and met his icy ones, "And, what's that?"

"Procrastinating." He took a lazy drag, "Your avoidance of doing anything of merit, it's fascinating."

 "That's pretty rude of you, considering one could say you were birthed by my procrastination." I nibbled some popcorn, and took in the spread of images on my screen.

He cringed, "How vulgar!" his tone flat.

I laughed, "Your one to talk. I have to censor you to an outrageous degree."

His lips curled into a cruel smile. A plume of smoke was rising from his cigarette.  "I find it humorous, the story could use some scandalous bits to keep it interesting." He stood and attempted to look at the screen, "Not that it will every see the light of day."

I glared at him and quickly clicked back on Microsoft Word. "Not if you keep being impossible."

"Blaming me for your failings, how very human." His words bore a smugness, that made me want to want to punch him.

"It seems to be a trait in fae as well. " I shot back, knowing how empty and futile it was to argue with him.

He just blew more smoke.

I typed some random words in, and watched as he circled my room.

"Quaint." He observed, his disgust barely disguised as he fiddled with some paint brushes. "If this is the world you have to live in, I can see why you prefer others."

"Right now, I would prefer to be left alone." I muttered, with a sigh.

He smirked, "That could be arranged."

I looked up only to see a trail of smoke coming from his crushed cigarette on the wood floor. "Thanks for nothing..." I muttered, clicking off Word and back onto Pinterest.

So, that is a small sample of what I have been dealing with as I attempt to write a sequel to Falling Snow. It's more or less Cynfael's story, but he seems less then enthusiastic about it.

I was wanting to do a Q&A post with him, so if you have any questions for him. They would be very appreciative. Ask him something personal, I love making him squirm.


  1. Lol, that sounds about right as characters go. xD

    Maybe ask him "What's his least favorite food and his favorite thing to do on a day off?"

    1. Are yours terrible too?

      Great, thanks!

    2. They are rude and not always compliant, but most of the time they're okay. They've been more obstinate lately though.

    3. Sounds like mine, super rude! I love them anyway.

  2. This is funny in a sense of his attitude, but being a writer, I know it isn't always funny when a character talks back. As for a deep, probing question for him: Would he rather enter a room on a fluffy pink unicorn or a fluffy pink pony?
    (This is probably the worst question, but I was thinking your character seems tough and would like neither unicorn or pony. XD)

    1. Your right, he is being completely impossible. Which is terrible for me.

      Ha ha, that's perfect. He will not enjoy this one.

  3. It literally felt as if he was in the room with you Skye!! You did an awesome job!

    Here's a question for him: What do you find attractive? (this could be a trait in a person, or an object, or whatever....)


    1. I was hoping I was able to capture it. THANK YOU!

      I really like this one.

  4. Yay! More from the Falling Snow universe! Is it about him taking over as...*chokes self so I don't spoil everything* Will Snow and Chayse make an appearance?

    And he's making himself into a real pain, isn't he?

    Here's a question. Cynfael is a very collected person...what is something that would make him loose his cool? And what kind of person would he look for as a spouse? What kind of person would actually be good for him?

    1. Ya! Glad you wanted more. Yes! ;) They will!!!

      He is, he drives me crazy!

      Oh these are good. I love these questions.

  5. Oh goodness this is epic. Characters can be such a pain sometimes. Cole and Calgary are giving me fits at the moment, hence why I'm on blogger and not word.

    More Cynfael!!! YESSSSS!!!!!! So exciting.

    Oh questions!
    You could ask him:

    Who and where is his mother?
    What's his most prominent childhood memory?
    Has he ever loved someone? Like, for no gain to himself, no backdoor scheme, just because?
    There's been once where we actually got to see him looking nervous, and it was fascinating, so, what scares him?

    1. Thanks! I know, right. Hide from them it's what I do.

      He won't leave so unfortunately, you will probably be seeing a lot of him.

      These are great! These ones are going to get him.

    2. I switched to a different story for the afternoon XD serves them right.

      As if that's a bad thing.


  6. I'm so excited about next weeks blogpost!!! All the questions everyone else has commented are really good!!!
    Some of the questions I have might actually be very similar to some of the others, but here goes.

    What is Cynfael's biggest fear(s)?
    Is there anyone Cynfael really cares about? (Snow, Chayse, others in the Fae world etc)
    What would make Cynfael truly happy?
    What is Cynfael to Chayse and Snow? (Is Cynfael actually in love with Snow (not that Snow is at all) are Chayse and him friends?etc)
    Why does Cynfael have a more human side when the Fae world is so evil and with how Cynfael must have been raised?
    How was Cynfael raised exactly?

    I don't how great my questions are, and I apologise if there's too many.
    Cynfael is a really intriguing character

    1. Aww! I'm so glad. It's going to be fun to write this one.

      Perfect questions. The one about Snow is going to get him. I'm curious about some of these myself, so good job.

      Their great! Never too many!
      I hope so.

  7. OH MY WOOOOOOORD!!!! I literally knew EXACTLY who this character was from the first sentence! And then I was mentally shrieking the whole time I read this. THAT BOY. I CAN'T!!!

    And you're working on a sequel that's mostly about him?!?!?!? AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Tell him to behave BECAUSE I NEED THIS STORY TO EXIST. (Like one can tell Cynfael to behave. Eheheh.)

    Oooh, an interview. YESSSH. Let's make him uncomfortable. *cackles*

    - Who do you value most in the world? (Besides yourself. *wicked grin*)
    - If you had one day left to live, how would you spend it?
    - What do you spend most of your time doing?
    - What was your childhood like?
    - What is your ultimate aim in life?

    I can't wait to see his answers for everyone's questions. XD

    1. OMIGOODNESS REALLY! I was panicking writing this, because I was worried he would sound like William. That makes me insanely happy!

      Yup, he demanded it, I guess you could say. XD I will try. Exactly, he enjoys being horrible.

      It's going to be fun.

      Oh, I love these questions!

      Me too! :D

  8. This was so interesting!!! I love reading character chats; they are the most impossible beings, aren't they?

    My question for Cynfael: so, where did you get the Teddy Bear? What got you started smoking? Which song from The Greatest Showman most represents you? (yes, you have to pick one, assuming Skye has seen the movie because all of the sudden, I can't remember. Also, if you haven't seen the movie, the songs are kind of spoilery).

    This is completely unrelated, but to explain the last question, I just saw The Greatest Showman yesterday and I haven't stopped thinking about it. So.


    1. Thanks! They are fun, I love when other writers do them. They are!

      Good ones! I can't answer the Greatest Showman, because I haven't seen it sadly, I really want to. Whenever I get an opportunity to see it I am going to!

      It looks amazing, I knew I would love it from the Trailer.