19 Jan 2015

And Then There Were None

    I recently discovered Agatha Christie, She is labelled with the moniker the Queen of Mystery. Everytime someone mentioned her to me, I would nod politely and go back to reading Sherlock Holmes. I knew she had done the Miss Marple series, which was about an elderly lady solving crime, which for whatever reason failed to peak my interest. I regret my ignorance, and I say now that she is fully deserving of her title. Not only is she quick witted. She had a great sense of humor, and her characters are varied and well written.

     This book caught my eye on Amazon, and since it had a reasonably good premise, I bought it.
  Ten people are each invited to Soldier Island, by a mysterious host named Mr. Owens. They each arrive on the same day, and find that Mr. Owens is nowhere to be found. They all then find themselves accused of murder, and trapped. A cryptic rhyme is found all around the house, and people start dying. Murdered according to the rhyme.

     I personally give this book four and half stars, on the account that it had a slow start, but it is a classic.
      A must read if you like mystery. I made my dad read it, and unlike me he was able to guess the murderer. We watched the 1945 movie adaptation, which was in black and white. It was enjoyable and had a different ending than the book, but we both agreed the movie ending made more sense.


  1. One of my friends introduced me to Agatha Christie. This was the first book she recommended, and I love it! It is so well written (it does start of slow though). I've only read two of her books. But I do want to read more.

    1. She's good, I've only read two of her's too, but I am getting more.