15 Feb 2016

Of Beasts and Beauties: Cinderella's Ball

So Ashely @insert title here 

is having a blog party, a thing which I have heard about but never taken part in, so I for one am super excited!  Her blog is amazing, go follow her!

She also drew this thing, love the thing!

So to start this thing off,  she is doing a blog tag, ball, linkup thing. It's more of a ball really.

Cinderella's Ball, actually are you getting the fairy tail vibes because I am.

1. What would you wear to a fairytale ball?
Oh this is a fun one.
Something like this except, I'm not blonde and I couldn't wear heels.

I also like this, because it appeals to my Gothic side, and black goes with anything.

 2. What shoes? (I don't mean to be tedious, but this is Cinderella's Ball.)
Since the dresses are so long, and I would kill myself in heels. I would have to say barefoot or in this kind of boot.
I know I have atrocious fashion sense, but no one would see them.

3. What is the most necessary accessory? 

D. This beauty doesn't need accessories. Really though I don't even carry a wallet if I can help it.

4. What is your favorite fairytale?

It's a beastly one.

I blame these two for sucking me in.

5. At the ball, you would
A. Eat Cake  and  D. Find a nice quiet corner to Sherlock people.
I'm really good at multitasking.

6. You see a dwarf with his beard wedged under a boulder. He's mistreated your help before, so you

 D. Help the little fellow out.  Because, I'm a sap okay, and I just love DLF's ( whoever gets that reference is a lovely person)

7. Do you know anyone who reminds you of a particular fairytale?
This one is really tough, my mom kinda reminds me of Mother Hubbard, she has a lot of kids alright. I have unfortunately met a lot of Gaston's in my life. Ashely, you have Belle like attributes.( Your kindness and love for book.)

8. If someone asked to marry you when they first met you, your reaction would be 
My exact reaction.

 F. I fly solo ( Han Solo)

9. Your true love will

A. get me a library and F. Oh, right I fly solo
The library would be nice.

10. Name three big events in your life, or something that took you three tries to get.

1. Finishing my first book
2. Graduating
3. Passing my Grade 1 exam in violin

11. Name something that you have seven of. 
Books, pencils, and knives

12. Who is your nemesis?

D. A dwarf who's name is either unknown or impossible to enunciate without a glossary

13. When you meet your nemesis, you dress
C. Like a warrior. Let's weapon up! I'm not going down without a fight.

14. Who are your allies?

E. Not to be obvious, but dragons are the way to go

15. Do you have an retelling recs for us to either watch or read?
Cruel Beauty!
16. What is your favorite song from a Disney princess movie? 
Be prepared- Scar...hmph I mean When will my life begin- Tangled.
Join the linkup guys, you will have a ball.


  1. "you will have a ball." Haha! I see what you did there.

    I love your answer for #8! It had me laughing. "I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen." I suppose after one gets married there's no more riding through the glen with wind-blown hair. XD You've nearly persuaded me to watch Brave now!

    Rumbelle! YES! I love them sooo much.

    You think I'm like Belle? Thank you!

    Wait, you have seven knives? Really? That's so cool! Are they like throwing knives?

    1. I have such terrible jokes :)

      Ha ha, I stand by that answer, if you get married life gets infinitely more complicated. It is almost worth it for that one part.

      Ya, they are so adorable!

      Yes, the OUAT Belle, because she is awesome.

      I do have throwing knives, still need to learn how to use them.

  2. I UNDERSTOOD THE DLF REFERENCE!! *dons Narnia costume and runs around in wardrobes* Ahem. Also dragons are obviously clearly the way to go. Always. And pfft, what do you mean atrocious fashion sense?!? THAT DRESS + THOSE SHOES = YOU ARE AMAZING.

      Because what is better than dragons.
      Why thank you Cait, I am certainly not conventional.

  3. Oh, oh, oh! I love this, ALL OF IT. So perfectly amazing!

    Those dresses are gorgeous, and I think wearing those boots with one would be EPIC.

    DLF. DEAR LITTLE FRIEND. Narnian forever! :D

    Oh my word, your answer to #8. Too great. XDD

    Okay, I just love that you have so many knives. I mean, books, pencils, and knives--what more do you need in life? You're prepared for whatever comes your way!

    Dragons are ALWAYS the way to go. *nods firmly*

    This was too much fun. Your answers were great!

    1. :D

      I think so too, pretty and functional.

      Yes, you got it. For Narnia!

      He he my mom isn't to happy with it!

      Thanks I think I'm prepared for any manner of disaster.


      Thank you for reading!

  4. Looove this tag and especially your ball outfit ;) Love it! That bluey dress is just stunning :O

    1. Thank you so much, I think it's gorgeous.

  5. "You will have a ball." I see what you did there ;)

    And DLF's, I get it! Narniac forever!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    Dressing like a warrior is definitely a good idea. *nods*


    1. Ya, I'm so good at bad puns.

      Yes! I was hoping people would get it/

      I think so too!

  6. I LOVE DLFS! (I also love cryptic references in posts and then feeling special when you get them!)

    "Really though I don't even carry a wallet if I can help it." ME TOO SKYE ME TOO.

    I love that red dress, would 900% wear <3 <3 <3

    Also your Brave gif is beautiful :')

    1. I love when people get my cryptic references.

      I just don't like carrying things it's weird.

      I know right, sadly probably would never be able to afford a dress like that.

      Thank you!

  7. I think first dress will be perfect. I am thankful to you as you helped me with a great suggestion for my upcoming ball at one of venues in Chicago. I wasn’t getting a right dress for it and was feeling perplexed about it. Thanks a lot for sorting out my worries!