22 Jun 2016


So writing has actually been happening guys!

Nothing major, maybe three hundred words or less, but they are coming. Which is exiting, so I thought I would share.

I sipped my tea; it wasn’t quite cool which added to my disgruntled mood.
 “My reputation is factious at best, I assure you. I am hardly-
 “A scoundrel-
“Not entirely.”
“A rapscallion.

“To the best of my knowledge, no.”- Bleeding Roses

“Have I offended you again, dear Countess.”
 I said, in my most piteous voice.
“Everything about you offends.” She set her teacup down. “I do not know why you offend me so.
I give her a satisfied smile. -Bleeding Roses

Also the violin, it was as if Sherlock shared a voice with it. When his temper flared, the violin made a horrible litany of strangled sounds, whether the time was past midnight or not. His sleep patterns were scrambled at best. It could be called to question if he ever sleeps at all. I find it humorous that Watson says he is not a difficult man to live with, I charge you to find someone worse. I wholeheartedly disagree with his statement. - Miss Hudson

I’m sure, I have caught your interest now Elizabeth or rather your indignation. I’m sure you know I am rarely mentioned in Watson’s stories, or fables as I like to call them. That’s not to say the cases themselves were untrue or exaggerated rather that much was omitted or left out purposely. - Miss Hudson

I look out the round window; it sits at the highest point of our home. A small loft hides inside it, a dark nook that seems separate from the rest of the waking world an odd place. Just like me, the odd girl who looks out of it.- The Unhappening

It makes the perfect atmosphere for a story, and even before I start the pages seem to crackle with enchantment and whisper their words to me. Begging me to read from their silken pages, I am only to please to oblige. I don’t really feel until I read a story drinking in its words and breathing its characters to life.- The Unhappening

Two big, brown eyes merely stared at me in response. Maybe she had lost her voice too! Or she didn’t speak. She wrapped her dirty tulle around her arm. She shifted back and forth, her eyes darted anxiously around the decrepit building. Her chocolate eyes met mine.
“Can you talk?” the rusty sound, was foreign to me. What had I become, she simply stared giving me no sign that she had understood.  Deaf, maybe she really wasn’t hearing me. I tried to piece together some sign language but she looked more confused than anything.- Joyland

Which is why I have negated to start where it began for most. A Study in Scarlett. A right fit name, if ever there was one.         
            It starts with a murder of course, a bloody murder.- Miss Hudson

 So basically, I have been doing a lot of this.



  1. Nice snippets! I feel like some days I do exactly the same thing - nice Incredibles gif, by the way. Plus, you can never go wrong using the word "rapscallion". :D

  2. Thanks! ha ha it's fun isn't it. I love it, I try to use it all the time.

  3. Lovely snippets! The first two made me smile.

  4. I really like your snippets! My favourite is the one a 'it starts with a murder, a bloody murder'. Sounds like something I might say...also that GIF is probably the best thing I've seen on the Internet this morning.

    1. Thanks for reading them! It's my favorite too,I;m glad you liked them.

      You can't go wrong with Mr. Incredible :D

  5. You're writing. Yaaaay! :D

    And...gracious me child. o.o YOUR WRITING. Why are you not published yet??? YOUR WRITING IS SO GOOD.

    Is your Sherlock retelling about Mrs. Hudson????? THAT IS SO COOL. And all those snippets from that one. O__________O They're just...SDLKJFLSKJDLFJSDF. Worthy of Arthur Conan Doyle himself! I just want to read the violin one over and over and soak up all the gorgeousness.


    1. Finally, right! :D

      O.O Christine,*hugs* YOU ARE THE SWEETEST PERSON EVER!! Also what about you, I think you deserve to get published more than me!

      Yess, it's from her point of view. Thanks :D
      That is the highest compliment I can even think of! *blushing* You have made my year!

      Eeep!! I don't know what to say *melting* Thank you, you lovely person you! <3 <3

  6. LOVE these! I really like the first Bleeding Roses one. :)

    Also, Miss Hudson. Is the Sherlock retelling all told from her viewpoint? Because that sounds so cool! I've never heard of that before. I really, really like all of hers. They are my favorite.

    1. :D William being a cad.

      YESS, it was a random idea I had at work, and I don't think anyone has done it.
      She's new, so I'm glad you like them, plus you're a Sherlock fan. so it means a lot.

  7. First of all, I have always loved the word "snippets" (it is just such a fun word to say). Secondly, these snippets really illustrate your writing talent. I am very impressed!

    1. Me too, it's very fun to say :)

      Thank you very much!

  8. These snippets are AMAZING!!! I especially like the first Miss Hudson one and the 2nd The Unhappening. Gorgeous <3

    Also, your new design is looking lovely!


    1. Thanks so much for reading! I am so glad you liked them.
      I thought it was time for a change.