3 Jan 2018

The Highlights

This New Years, I had my first taste of champagne. I wanted to try it mainly because it was a bit of a fixture in my Snow White retelling. So I thought it would be a fun way to celebrate finishing that.

It was a disappointment, it doesn't taste how it looks. Granted it was cheap champagne. It tasted a lot like how this year went. What started as light and full of promise left me with an acrid after taste.

Not that there weren't great things about this year, but it was a difficult one for me. Every time I thought I had worked through something, I found myself worse off then before. I did a lot of healing mentally, but then I end up reverting back to bad habits.

I don't want to focus on that, I much rather talk about all the good things that happened this year.

*cough* Reylo

I am obsessed, I already started a painting.

I will cover that in another post. Maybe one dedicated to movies and tv, because there was a slew of good movies this year.

 There was also  a lot of highlights this year.

1. Meeting Skinner from the X-files, (which I know I mentioned in another post.) I actually got to talk to him for close to an hour. It was awesome, also the new season is out today and I am freaking out.

2. Did Inktober, and actually succeeded!

3. I wrote a 20,000 word retelling for the Roogle Wood Press Contest!

4. I did a lot of art, like a lot...

5. I drank exorbitant amounts of tea and coffee

6. I went dairy and wheat free

7. Lost 10 pounds

8.  Finished a lot of things that I couldn't finish for years

9. Saw my prayers get answered

10. Had a lot of late nights with good friends

11.  Laughed until my stomach hurt, cried too.

12. Learned so many life lessons and then forgot them, because that's life.

13. Realized I am surrounded by amazing supportive people.

14. Got some supplements for my anxiety and depression

15. Ate a lot of amazing food

16.  Realized I have a best friend who truly knows me, and who will always be there for me.

17. Made decisions then changed my mind about said decisions.

All in all it was a full year, lots of ups and downs. I still have no idea what I am doing, and I am running away from responsibility like Peter Pan.

Faith, trust, and pixie dust, it works guys.




    But seriously, I'm sorry you had a rocky year. But I am glad there were highlights amidst the hardships as well. You are such a beautiful person, Skye, and I do hope this new year is as beautiful as you are! *HUGS*

    1. I intend to! *fistbump*

      It's was fairly good, more good then bad I would say. Thank you so much!

  2. I tried champagne a few months ago - I've heard that it's really dry...but my relatives had gotten a really nice sweet one...I wish I had grabbed the name of it!!

    I loved your highlights, Skye. You've come a long way!! Here's to an even better 2018!!!


    1. I tried two different kinds, we got a pink one that was a bit sweeter. After a few sips, I didn't really like it either.

      Thanks, I hope so. Yes Please!

  3. I can't drink so I can't really say whether I agree or disagree with your opinion of champagne and its never been something that interested me anyway, but that's too bad that it didn't meet your liking. :/

    As for the year, I hope 2018 is filled with more laughter and joy than 2017. Just know that you are strong. *insert flexing arm emoji*

    Your painting is really awesome! I'm not really into star wars, *hides from mobs* but that painting is amazing!

    Have an awesome New Year! <3

    1. Your not missing much. It gets so hyped up, but I prefer soda.

      Thanks, I hope so! He he, we got this!

      Thank you so much! Eh, to each their own. It's not everyone's thing.

      You too! <3

  4. Happy New Year!! 2017 seems like it was a really great year for learning. Doing a lot of art is a wonderful thing to get into! Take care <3

    1. Happy New Year! It was. Thanks, I really enjoyed getting back into it.
      You too! <3

  5. Someone gave me champagne at a wedding one time when I was like ten. I didn't know what it was at the time, but I agree, looked bubbly and fun and tasted dramatically less. I actually got sick lol.
    Sounds like it was a good year despite the downs. It's the ups that matter!

    1. Who gives a ten year old champagne. Such a disappointment.

      It was!

    2. Only in Sherman County lol

    3. Ha ha, must be a pretty wild place :)

  6. Still haven't seen The Last Jedi, but I am so interested in what this Reylo business is, haha.

    I'm glad there were so many lovely highlights, in spite of the downsides. Here's to an even better 2018!!


    1. Hope you like it, opinions seem a bit mixed.

      There was a lot of good things! Hopefully!

  7. NOOOO I JUST WROTE THE LONGEST COMMENT I HAVE EVER WRITTEN IN MY LIFE AND I LOST IT. It literally took like three long train stops, and I'm so mad. Can we just pretend this comment is like 10% longer and more insightful? I basically said about how I think champagne drinkers are faking actually liking it, that I love your artwork and I painted Santorini for my mum but it's more ugly than the simple white canvas I started with, and congrats on losing 10 pounds and filling your year with even more gorgeous artwork. Sorry about the sad little short comment in contrast to what it began with lmao.

    Hope you had a good weekend!
    Little Moon Elephant

    1. I've had that happen and it sucks so much! I'm so sorry that you lost it, it's infuriating! Totally! :D
      I agree with that, I guess you could become accustomed to it. Thanks! I suck at landscapes so if I tried to paint Santorini I would probably have the same result.
      Thank you so much, most of it wasn't that great!
      No it's not a sad comment, thanks for just commenting at all.

      You Too!

  8. Sounds like a great year for you! GO STAR WARS!!!

    D.G. Snapper | silverphoenixwriter.blogspot.com

    1. By the way, I tagged you for the Liebster Award. :D