17 Jan 2018

The Last Jedi: A Review

Be prepared for a plethora of SPOILERS, gifs, and just general fangirling.

I just want to state that I have been a Star Wars fan for an exorbitant amount of time. Since I think six or seven. I grew up with it, I feel like this is relevant because the opinions seem really split on this movie.

Which I don't get, but anyway...


I should probably explain why. I will attempt to. I liked The Force Awakens, I thought it was really good, and I enjoyed all the new characters. I was also one of those fans who thought it had a lot of similarities to A New Hope. I didn't think that was a bad thing. I remember ragging on Kylo Ren a bit, but for the most part I enjoyed it.

I still loved the original trilogy best, but it was in my opinion better than the prequels.

I thought this one was going to be fairly predictable, I thought it would play it safe like the last one. Keeping with everyone's theories, I thought Rey was going to be a Skywalker. She was going to train with Luke and her and Fin would walk into the double sunset.

I was wrong, thank goodness, after seeing the trailer. I hoped that they would take a different route. It did, one I honestly would never have expected Star Wars to take.

They bring Rey( the hero) and Kylo Ren (the villain) together via force bond.

Which leads me to the first thing I loved about this movie.

 You might be thinking, so what? Why is that such a big deal?

It's a big deal!

Hear me out. This was a good move for so many reasons. It forced them to interact, to have a simple conversation, to stop fighting. It forced them to be vulnerable... laughing at my overuse of the word force.

This is something they have never done in the other movies. It works! Even people that didn't like this movie on a whole, found the scenes between Rey and Kylo compelling.

This leads to the first thing I really loved about this movie

Rey and Kylo's relationship

I always thought they had a connection, even in the Force Awakens. Since this is Star Wars, I thought they might be siblings. After the Last Jedi, I am fairly certain that is not the way they are going.

There is definitely an attraction there ( enough romantic tension that you could cut it with a knife) along with a struggle. Kylo is fighting his pull to the light, and Rey is fighting her pull to the dark. What a beautiful mess they make. Kylo is trying to bring Rey to the dark side, and she is trying to bring back Ben Solo.

I love that we get to see them both in a completely different light than in the first film. We get to see their pain and loneliness. I honestly could write a whole review just about these two, I am controlling myself, be proud.  Daisy Ridely and Adam Driver did amazing with these characters, and they have great chemistry.

 I am complete trash for this paring, they make up my entire Instagram feed.

I told my sister I was trying to tone down my love for these two for this review. I don't want to sound like a pyshco fangirl freak. To which she laughed hysterically.

You gotta love supportive siblings.

I can't leave this section without addressing my favorite moments. Most of which happened in the Snoke's Throne room.

-When the first force connection happens and Kylo Ren sock slides into the corridor looking for Rey. It was unexpected and hilarious. 

- Rey calling him a monster and him agreeing, my poor emo trashbag.

- The fact that the force connection happens randomly, cue embarrassed Rey and shirtless Kylo.

-Basically every conversation they have in those moments.

- Kylo looking murderous while Snoke tortures Rey

-Kylo slicing Snoke in half and saving Rey. 

- Kylo telling Rey 'that she is nothing, from nothing, but not to him.' cue me internally screaming.

- Kylo saying please, after asking Rey to rule the galaxy with him. 

-Them fighting together was mesmerizing. 

- When Rey learns that Luke was going to kill Ben. (also her fighting Luke after, was awesome.)

-The last scene, the look he gives her is so sad and broken.

Okay now that I got that out onto the other great things and then the few things I disliked.


They brought back muppet, Yoda, and he was brilliant. Missed him, was never a fan of the CGI Yoda.


So a lot of people are upset about the film's treatment of Luke, I'm not one of them. I thought he was both entertaining and relatable. He messed up, he isolated himself. He's human in this one. I also love that they left the moment where Rey was giving him the light saber as a huge cliffhanger. Love that he just hucks it behind him, how many fanboys cried.  Luke was done in this movie, and I was here for it.

I also like the parallel of how all the Jedi master's seem to end up in the same spot. Obi-wan and Yoda both kinda let themselves go.

He does redeem himself in the end, and I think he got a fitting send off. His reunion with Leia was beautiful.


This is Carrie Fisher's last Star Wars movie, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't emotional about that. I love our Space Princess. She was brilliant in this as expected, all of her parts seemed to have a heaviness, because you know she isn't here anymore.

Her daughter was in it a lot more and it was cool to see her rocking the space buns and carrying on her mother's legacy.
 Honorable mentions include Finn and Phasma's fight. Hux getting force thrown. Poe doing his usual thing and blowing things up.

 Now onto the things I wasn't a huge fan of.

-Luke milking that weird cow thing, I don't know what that was but... Gross!

-The whole casino planet thing didn't really move the plot forward. I like Finn, but it seemed unnecessary. 

-BB-8 driving that walker thing was just too much

-Leia using the force to pull herself back from space, doesn't fit with what we have seen of the force so far. (Glad it lengthened her time in the movie though)

-Commander Holo's plan that didn't need to be secret ( caused way too many problems) 

- Finn and Rose's rushed romance thing. I think I would like Rose more without that in there. 

All in all it was an awesome movie my favorite of 2017. It beat out Thor Ragnarok for me. I just really like where they are going with this. Can't wait for episode 9. 




  1. Such a cool movie. <3 I didn't love it when I first walked out of the movie theater but the more I've let myself think about it the more I enjoy it. <3

    1. Agreed! Glad you like it more now. <3

  2. AAHH--I love "The Last Jedi" so much!! Definitely one of my favorite Star Wars movies, along with "Empire Strikes Back". Completely agree with you on Kylo and Rey--they were amazing in this movie.
    I think I agree with you on basically everything :))--except that I liked Finn/Rose, although it did seem kinda sudden. Also, I didn't like how Poe was portrayed in this film--he seemed more immature than Force Awakens...
    Great review! :)

    1. I'm so glad someone else shares my love for it! Yes, Empire Strikes Back is my other favorite. They have so much chemistry.
      :D That's awesome, we must have similar taste. I think I will probably like them more in the next one.
      I agree, he did some reckless things.
      Thank you and thanks for reading! :D

  3. *Gasp* I didn't know that was Carrie Fisher's daughter! How cool!

    My favorite part was when Poe came up and was talking to "Hugs"

    (And I tagged you over at my blog for the Writer's Book Tag)

    1. Isn't it! I was so happy, that she got a bigger part in this one.

      I loved that bit!

      Thanks for the tag!

  4. I haven't watched it yet, but I went ahead and read the review. I wasn't the biggest fan of Force Awakens, but after rewatching that movie last week and reading your review, I'm certainly interested in seeing The Last Jedi. I'm not sure when I will or how I'll feel about all the changes (I feel like they've added a LOT of things to the Force), but I'm willing to give it a try.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the movie! :D


    1. As long as you don't mind spoilers. I wasn't either, but after this one I re watched it and now I have a different opinion of it. There was just such fantastic character arcs, they don't usually have that in movies. I recommend it, even if your unsure. Some I didn't like, but most I did.
      Awesome! I hope you like it.

      Me too, I wasn't expecting to. :D

    2. Normally, I do mind spoilers, but for this one, I wanted to know what I'd be getting into, haha. And from all that I've heard, it does seem like it's pretty amazing. So I'm definitely going to watch it eventually. :)

    3. Good to know, I feel bad spoiling things. If it made you want to see it more, then I'm happy.
      I hope you enjoy it when you do see it. Hopefully we can fangirl together!


  5. I really enjoyed this movie too! We pretty much share what I didn't care for either - but Rose was one of my favorite new characters hands down. I also really liked where they went with Rey's parentage - whether Kylo is right or not.

    1. I'm glad you liked it too! There is always something right. I did like Rose, she is so cute.
      Me too, I thought it was such a nice change.