14 Mar 2018

The Greatest Showman: A Review

I have wanted to see this since, the first trailer dropped. I happened to be writing a circus-centered  book myself at the time.

It did not disappoint. The costumes, songs, and story were all beautiful and richly layered. It was at it's core a story of 'rags to riches.' It was told in a unique and engaging way, the musical numbers enhanced that. There were other elements that made it  relatable and hard hitting. Things like embracing yourself, and facing people's prejudices. It was inspiring!

You leave the theater wanting to do something amazing, something crazy.

I'm trying to think of one negative thing to say about it but I can't think of any. The cast of characters is as colorful and inspiring as the movie itself.

Anne Wheeler was my favorite! Zendaya was phenomenal in this role. I have always been in awe of trapeze artists, the grace and strength it takes to perform.

All the circus acts, performers, and colors were done so well, it's basically like going to one. I was spellbound! I knew I was going to love it, but I didn't think I would love it this much. I honestly don't know what else to say except go see it!!!

My favorite songs.

'This Is Me' made me tear up, I'll admit it. I'm sorry this review was a bit on the short side. I've been strapped for time. Basically, it's Magnificent and I highly recommend!

Oh, Alexa you once asked me which song would fit Cynfael. 'The Other Side', is something I could definitely see happening with him and Chayse.

7 Mar 2018

Self Care

I don't think I'm qualified to write this post. Just thought I would get that out of the way.

I tend to live my life in extremes. I am either doing everything or nothing. For example, I either keep up with emails, blogs, and commitments. Or I let everything build up to a crazy degree and sit staring at everything piling up and I'm unable to do a thing.
I get up at 7:00 am, exercise, hydrate, and eat healthy, or I spiral into a state of  immobility, eating junk, and watching obscure youtube videos.

 I have a balance problem. I work with constant chaos and sometimes it consumes me. Another aspect of this is I tend to overreach myself. I take on way too many things at once. I pile things up until I'm crushed by it and then nothing gets done, and the depression sweeps in.

This is my typical life cycle, and it's getting tedious. That's understating it a bit, it's killing me actually.

This year, I decided I would start to work on fixing this problem. Or at the very least try to figure out why I did this to myself.

I'm an Empath, I feel deeply for other people. I take on their problems, pain, and even their emotions. This is a good thing, because I understand people on a deep level. It's a bad thing, because I forget I have my own emotions and problems. I put myself last, which I don't think is a bad thing. I like helping people.

I just need to remember to take care of myself too

There is a huge difference between self care and self love. I think this generation is too self centered, so I'm not into the whole 'love yourself ' thing. It's not what the Bible teaches either.

I'm simply talking about breaking unhealthy habits, and taking a breather every now and then. I also need to teach myself that there is nothing selfish about treating yourself with the same care you give to others. Especially when you hit your breaking point.

You're human, it's normal to fall apart and breakdown. Ideally it's better if you don't let yourself to get to that point. So here are some of the things I do to take care of myself.

1. Nothing (okay this probably seems dumb, but by nothing I mean not letting myself do any of the million things I feel like I have to do. Sometimes you have to let yourself relax, completely. Doing this can do wonders for your mental state.)

2. Keep up with your physical health. ( I don't just mean like exercise and diet,but both of those are good too! I was lethargic all the time, turns out I was anemic and need to take iron pills. Something as simple as that can go a long way to improving your life.)

3. Do something for yourself! (Read that book you've been putting off, watch a movie you love, just do something that brings you joy)

4. Finish something (It works better if it's something that you have been putting off for a long time.)

5. Take social media breaks (It's nice to spend more time in the real world.)

6. Pamper yourself a little ( have a nice bath with bubble bars or bath bombs, face mask are super soothing.)

7. If you have a problem try to solve it instead of putting it off.

8. Go get coffee or a tea from your favorite place. (I find this always puts me in a good mood.)

9. Say no, don't commit to too many things. ( This is incredibly freeing)

10. Give yourself time (Just be easy on yourself, your not a machine)

 I hope this was a little bit helpful to someone, I'm still learning myself. Self care for me right now is binge watching Anime, so like I said probably not the right person for this.

28 Feb 2018

Making Crap Aesthetic

I wanted to have a post scheduled this week. It was supposed to be a well written and helpful self care post. I am still going to write that God willing. Instead, I'm scrambling for something to write about. Something interesting...

Okay so admittedly my life really isn't that interesting. Just came out of a depressive episode, so that means I didn't do much to improve it. I don't think you guys want to read about my self destructive tendencies and spiraling self doubt. Besides it's looking up, so I really wouldn't want to write that anyways.

I'm a mess, but I'm making the most of it.

I spent most of the day painting and doing laundry, an ideal day for me really. My introverted self is happiest when I don't have any obligations and I can stay at home. Also creating is therapy for me, whether it's writing, sketching, painting it always makes me smile. The only problem there is my parents get a bit worried. They think I'm isolating myself, I am in a way.

The world and people always tend to wear me down, so I have to escape it for a bit. I don't know if this is how it is for other creative people.  I feel like you have to be okay with being alone and being misunderstood when you make things.

Because most people won't get it. People will also undervalue you and your art. This happens to everyone it's normal. I think, I'm probably not the best judge of normal... but whatever.

I am so thankful for coconut milk and dairy free cheese.

 I had a point, oh right, don't let that stop you. Don't let anyone's opinion except God's and yours define you. Whatever you want to do or create, do it! Or at least attempt to do it, you might fail. It might be the crappiest thing ever, but it's something. It's a start, just keep doing it until your happy with it.

Make yourself proud. Don't compete with anyone but yourself, that's how you improve. That's how you progress in life. Let them criticize, but don't listen. Keep going. Art is hard, life is hard, do it anyway.

If it's crap, make crap your aesthetic.

Crappy things I have embraced.

1. I'm messy when I paint, every single one of my shirts and pants have paint on them I pretend it's part of my look.

2. Bad vision, thanks to all my reading and writing. People usually think I'm smart.

3. Cheap brushes and paint, you don't cry when you have to throw out a cheap brush. The paint being a bit streaky adds to my sketchy style.

4. I have no idea what I'm doing, ( I don't use a color wheel, I don't do base coats, I have no clue about shadows and highlights) I pretend that I know things, but it's a lie. This one is great, because I always say I'm an amateur and then nobody judges me too harshly.

Sorry for such a random post.

21 Feb 2018

February Favorites

I was going to do a post on self care, but I wasn't sure if anyone would even want to read that. So instead, I thought I would share some of the things I have been loving. Maybe I will make it a monthly thing.



I have liked Lights for forever, but this album resonated with me on a personal level, she even has a comic that she created to go along with it and the music videos for it are amazing.

This is the best song. (wouldn't let me use the official video)


This album is my aesthetic. It's weird how I felt like this band grew up with me. All of the songs are relatable, and catchy. 



The first time I heard NF on the radio I screamed, this guy deserves all his success. He works insanely hard to produce quality music and it shows.


This is not the type of book I usually read, it's a romance not to mention a fluffy Y.A romance. Jenny B Jones brand off kilter humor, makes me stray from my comfort zone. Because I love her books as sappy and romance filled as they are. This one in particular resonated with me. More for the emotional struggles Harper is dealing with then the romance. It has a plot similar to The Duff, with a girl tutoring a popular jock in turn for help with winning over her crush. You can probably guess what happens, it's great though and made me laugh a ton. It also deals with some heavy emotional stuff.

Our family was a train flying off the tracks. And I was simply an onlooker, standing helplessly to the side watching it all happen.- I'll Be Yours

My friend presented a weak hand, as if she were Lizzy Bennet waiting for Mr. Darcy to press his angsty lips upon.-I'll Be Yours

First of all, I have not made out with every girl at school. We have five lesbians, and I've totally let them have their space. -I'll Be Yours

It's a great read if you need a good laugh or cry.

I haven't finished this one yet, but what I have read was incredibly entertaining. If your looking for a fun twist on fairy tales this series is what you need.

Yesterday, I was a respectable private detective who didn't believe in magic. Tonight, I'm a hairy gargoyle leaping across the rooftops of Talesend with a magical girl on my back.

 The Garden wasn't safe before the house got took over by a homicidal flower.

Tv shows

Full House

My sister and I are binge watching this, and let me tell you it's a great way to end your day. Netflix was supposed to take it off on the 15th but didn't so my sister and I are convinced that we saved it somehow. It's the best!


 The Blacklist

This is the show that I watch with my Dad. He constantly quotes Reddington, it never fails to make me smile. I will admit it's been floundering a bit this season, but Reddington makes it worth it. (Super violent)


So there are a few of these I have meant to see and haven't, The Greatest Showman, Black Panther, Jumanji... the list is endless. So none of the ones I'm going to mention are new or anything.

Murder on the Orient Express

This was so well done, and such a compelling mystery. I feel like this one got a bit overlooked, I went to see it twice in theater it's exceptional.

Mission Impossible

Anyone else hyped for the new Mission Impossible?

I love these movies. The heists, humor, and explosions are blended together perfectly. I've been re-watching them. So good!

For those of you who are still skeptical Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye stars in them.  He has way more screen time.

Oceans 11, 12, 13

So I'm not excited for Ocean's Eight. I wanted the boys back together instead we are getting Danny's sister with her own team. I'll give it a shot though, if for nothing else but for Matt Damon's cameo. (word of warning, these shows have a heavy amount of profanity, so if that's not your thing better stay clear)

That's about it. Hope you enjoy this look into my ever changing tastes.

The actual favorite, Loki!

14 Feb 2018


Footnotes is a link-up created by two of my favorite bloggers Ashley and Emily

This link-up goes till the end of February so feel free to join up.

The Prompt is...

 a quote that scares you

This was a hard one for me, books generally don't scare me. I don't know why, I've been creeped out but never scared. So I picked this quote from Sherlock that really unsettled me, because it's true and hit me really hard when I first heard it because it was something I had never thought about it.

It just made me think about the impact your life has on other people. Which can be a scary thought.
(Also I'm not and never have been suicidal)

7 Feb 2018

Liebster Award

I love getting tagged, but I am horrible at actually doing them.
Anyone else relate.

Also I never follow the rules or continue the tag. In short I am a horrible blogger.

D.J @ Silver Phoenix tagged me. She has a great blog, go check it out!

The Questions

1. If given the choice between playing a board game and a video game, which would you choose?
Video game every time. Growing up at the tail end of the nineties, that was a big pastime. Lately, I have been lost in the amazing game that is 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' 

2. Does the idea of a coastal beach or a cabin in snowy Montana sound more appealing to you? 

Since I already live in snow drenched Canada, the coastal beach sounds good. 

3. Are cats constantly devising a way to eat you?
Without a doubt, they are eviiillll!
  4. Writing or reading?
I want to say writing, but reading. I am always reading something.
5. Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with your villains, or be the villain of your hero?
Good one! I would like to be stuck in an elevator, it would be equal parts humorous and terrifying. Also some of them are attractive. They would either offer me a drink or kill me. 

Kill, they would definitely kill me.

6. What would you do if you woke up in your story world?
 Best question. It would depend on the world, I have a few. I will choose my most recent one 'Falling Snow' I would go to the circus, and enjoy the acts. Eat all the delicious food, like caramel apples. Give Chayse a hug, after watching his fire act. Give Snow some money and advice. Then probably run away with Cynfael...
7. How many times have you looked at a book and put it back on the shelf?
So many times, mostly because I am broke.
 8. Library or bookstore? 
Bookstore, we have some cute used ones. The nicer one has a Starbucks. 
9. When given the choice between Batman and Spiderman, who would you choose to save your main character?
This is hard, I love both. Probably Batman, because in order to save my MC he is going to have to kill someone. 

10. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?
I love both! If I had to choose, probably Lotr. The books and movies are epic.
It's close though... I mean Star Wars has Han Solo and Kylo
11. What name would you give your blog in an alternate universe? 
Castles of Ink ( which might've been better)



31 Jan 2018

Introducing Cynfael: Character Chats

As I have been battling this character for the past few months. I thought having you guys interrogate him would help on the writing front. Also he confused the heck out of all my beta readers. Most of them didn't know how to take him. To be honest, he likes it that way. I'm not sure he will answer honestly, and for those of you who don't know who he is.

He is my fae prince, who played  the role of Prince Charming in my Snow White retelling. His family reigns over the Northern regions and is ridiculously wealthy.

Thanks to everyone who asked questions! You guys are awesome! I'm going to let him answer these questions as honestly as I can. He also lies, so I wouldn't believe anything he says.

I might censor him a bit *glares*

1. Who do you value most in the world? (Besides yourself. *wicked grin*)

 "Going straight for the heart, are we. I'm not drunk enough to answer this."

"Her name was Sirena."

 "That was after only one drink, that's not actually her name is it?"


2. What got you started smoking?

"I started when I started drinking... Boredom was most likely the cause."

He was underage for sure!

3. How were you raised exactly?

 "In an unorthodox and amoral family with impeccably high standards."

Now even I am curious.

4.What's his most prominent childhood memory?

 "Probably the day I came into my inheritance, fangs were involved. A family trait, I'm told."

He is not a 'vampire'! Since he insist in being all vague, I will explain. His family is part of the shape shifting fae, Snake was their animal of choice. He also can't turn into a full snake... I don't even know how to explain it.

"Perhaps you shouldn't butt in. *slides glass* Drink your juice."

 5. Who and where is his mother? 

"Was not expecting that one... Her name is Alice, and I'm not permitted to tell you our last name. Supposedly, it's crucial to the plot. I think that means the author hasn't thought of it yet."

"So I'm bad with last names, shoot me!"


*muffled screaming*

"As to where she is, our estate is expansive. She is most likely avoiding my father and terrorizing one of the maids."

 6. What do you find attractive? (this could be a trait in a person, or an object, or whatever....)

 "Just answer the bloody question."

"Of course you would take all the fun out of it."

"We're waiting..."

"It's a hard question to answer with you glaring at me. I know what you want me to say, so I'm going to have to disappoint you..."


"Innocence, probably because it's so rare and confidence. A beautiful face and body are also appreciated for obvious reasons."

"So close..."

6. Would he rather enter a room on a fluffy pink unicorn or a fluffy pink pony?

"Should I take a drink every time someone asks an idiotic question?"

"You've been drinking the whole time!"

"Ah, your catching on."

7. Least favorite food?

 "Human, it's too tough and gets stuck in the teeth."

 "He's kidding... right"

8. Favorite thing to do on your day off? 

"Glad you asked...

"Nooooo, we are not going there!"

"I didn't get to answer the question."

"Exactly, your catching on."

9. What makes you lose your cool? 

"When someone threatens anyone close to me."

10. What kind of person do you look for as a spouse?

"I don't."

 11. What scares you?


12. Have you ever loved someone? Like, for no gain to yourself no backdoor scheme, just because?

"With love there is always collateral damage. I prefer to refrain."

13. What are your biggest fear(s)? 

"Again, an unfortunate question that won't get an answer."

 14. Is there anyone you really care about?

"Not sure I like what this question implies."

"I don't know what you expected."

15.  What would make you truly happy?

"A host of terrible and atrocious things. Unlimited power would be nice."

"How very super villain of you."

"I knew you wouldn't approve."

16.Why do you have a more human side when the Fae world is so evil and with how you must have been raised?

"I don't. I appeal to people's sympathies when it suits my needs. I manipulate, it seems I have fooled you if you think that highly of me. I am the monster they created me to be, I don't claim to be more than that. "

17. How were you raised exactly? 


18. What do you spend most of your time doing?

"Drinking, smoking, overthrowing kingdoms."

"Oh, is that all."

"Well for a weekday."

19. What is your ultimate aim in life?

"To escape."

 "One bottle, that's what it takes for you to start being honest."

"Not one...I was drinking before we started..."

*exasperated sighing*

20. So, where did you get the Teddy Bear?

"I don't know if it's the drink, but what is she talking about?

"It was mine, he stole it. I better leave him alone now."

 Hope everyone enjoyed that!