11 Oct 2017


So I saw this all over Instagram, and I decided this was the year I would give it a shot. I have been wanting to start doing a drawing a day, but it never seemed to happen. I lack motivation, dedication, other ion words.

This time I was stubborn, I will beat my blasted procrastination if it kills me which it very well might.

I have been pushing myself to write, draw, adult. Which has lead to surprisingly positive results. I am accomplishing things, slowly at maybe a snails pace but it is happening. One of these things I have taken on is Inktober. I already am doing two writing contests, painting and drawing for an upcoming Trade Show, and beta reading among other things. It's not for a lack of things to do that I decided to do this.

It's because, I need to learn to get things done, when life is full and crazy. Because it always will be.
I need to be able to work through it. So I am going to give it a shot.











4 Oct 2017

Creepy Fall Reads

I am getting into the fall spirit. I have been drinking tons of tea, watching old nineties shows like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark.

It was rainy and foggy this morning and I got super excited.

It has begun.

My only grievance this fall, is that I am once again living in a little nowhere town. That is a billion miles from a Starbucks, so no pumpkin spice lattes for me. 

I am going to try to keep my next few posts in a fall theme. I thought I would recommend some creepy reads. I have only read one of these, but I they all seem to have a creepy elements.

Temptation (or rather the Solitary Tales)

Everyone needs to read this series. It's a creepy story told to the soundtrack of 80's music. It's marvelous. There is a hostile small town, cults, secret meetings, and underground tunnels. Oh, and these terrifying mannequin things. Can't really explain it, angst, faith, and questionable choices.

Queen of Hearts

Basically, anything Alice and you have me. It's about the Red Queen so I am sure some heads will roll. Also happens to be the same author who wrote that creepy Pan retelling, I liked 'Wendy Darling' so I am excited.

This Savage Song

This one is about monsters and music, and I have read great reviews for it. Should be good!

Hunting Prince Dracula

The sequel to Stalking Jack the Ripper, which was really good. A little feministic and I figured out who Jack was in chapter two. Stoked for this one, hopefully we get more Thomas Cresswell also Dracula.


I am in the throes of  writing my Sherlock retelling, so this one could be considered research practically. Also it is all about Moriarty so I am assuming some evil and murder will be happening.

 Wake The Hollow

I read this last fall I think, I got it from Netgalley and it was surprisingly good. Intense, creepy and an ode to the original Sleepy Hollow.   

 So basically I will be doing a lot of this.


27 Sep 2017

Book Haul

Fall is upon us, or has happened,or something.

I am loving it, the bite in the air. The orange and red colors, drinking lots of coffee and tea. Wearing fuzzy socks and oversized sweaters its bliss. Autumn is my aesthetic.

Starting to read more spooky books and watch some creepy shows. Waiting anxiously for the next season of Stranger Things.

 So I had gotten a lot of books for my birthday. I might have given them a short list.

I am so excited  for these! The only one I have read is Eliza And Her Monsters. I started Stalking Jack the Ripper, and besides it shoveling all the feminism stuff down your throat, I am intrigued.

As for Eliza And Her Monsters , I loved it! 

Eliza was a very relatable character, Who is the anonymous creator of a extremely popular web comic. She is incredibly introverted and most of her life is online, she is basically me. It got deep in parts and I actually cried at one part. The art was gorgeous and I enjoyed the bits of her comic throughout.

All in all, a great read. It has language and kissing and deals with things like suicide.

I also have a few e-reads waiting for my attention.

 I can't wait to read all them!

 How about you guys? Any good books or shows I should know about.

20 Sep 2017

Healing and other Dilemas

I have been having a hard time doing real posts lately. By real, I mean something that isn't a tag or etc.

Things have been good, I've been good. I was worried for awhile that I wouldn't be able to say that without lying. I can say it now. I'm scared to jinx it, or that to admit it means I'm not allowed to have bad days anymore.

I'm still overwhelmed and drowning in half done projects, deadlines, and various other things.
I have been working hard at finishing at least some of the things.

Most pressing are the two contests I am entering.

The Roogle Wood Press one has hit a bit of a snag with me. I have established the world, the characters, and stakes. I have figured out my ending and the twist with the apple. I have gotten some mixed feedback, and now I'm not sure how to write it, I guess. While its cool to see different peoples reactions to different characters, I'm at a loss of what to correct. I will sort it out... eventually.

The other contest has a 5,000 word limit which is so few words. I'm not sure if I will be able to make anything cohesive. I'm going to try.

My friend and I decided we are going to sell our art at a trade show. I have never done something like it before, and I am super nervous. It's making me step up my productivity and art game. So it's already helping I guess.

I am drowning in unread books, beta reads, and books to review.

I like being busy though so it's a good thing I guess. I am also working towards my license again, hopefully it will work out this time.

That's what I'm running on these days hope, it's most likely misplaced. I feel like being optimistic lately.

I'm wearing a smile, and it's genuine. It's small things like that, that let me know I'm healing.

Everything is still a mess, but I'm feeling good. 


13 Sep 2017

Sunshine Blogger Tag

 I am terrible at actually doing tags, as anyone who has tagged me probably knows. I have been trying to actually do them now.

So the lovely Lisa tagged me for this. You should check out her blog.

On to the questions

1. What would be your second choice career (other than that of a writer)? Or if you aren't going to be a full-time author, what's your job choice?

I don't have any really good alternate job choices, because none of them will probably make me any money, but I would love to sell art or be a professional photographer.

I guess Starving Artist is my choice. 

 2. Out of all the people you personally know (not internet friends) who has been the most encouraging/enthusiastic about your writer's life and your works?

So many people come to mind, but one in particular has been there from the beginning of it all. 
The O.G herself.

She is one of the most talented people I know. 

We both met on the cusp of puberty, and obsessed over Bryan Davis and Wayne Thomas Batson's books.  We both drew and were writing our own stories. We read each other's first stories, an unbreakable bond was formed. She is my alpha reader, I run everything by her. 

 3. How would you want to die if you were to be killed by the villains of the fictional world you accidentally entered?

I will admit, quite a few villains come to mind. This was a hard decision to make.

Basically someone who is both fabulous and decidedly attractive. I have a lot of favorite villains so.

Is this from books, movies, or tv show. Because that would help narrow it down a bit. 

Loki comes to mind first. 

4. Who's your favorite animal character of all time? (Out of a book, friends, not a movie.)

 Thanks for clarifying with this one. Reepicheep!

5. Are you more excited about writing the dedication or the acknowledgements in your book?

I self published a book and already had to do this ( the regret)

Umm, I think I was more excited for the dedication.

6. In one sentence or phrase, describe your writers life motto - preferably using symbolism and and metaphors. It can also be your mission statement kind of thing.

Fake it till you make it!


7. Pick one song that best describes what you aspire to be.

I aspire to be Haley Williams.
8. Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites?

The Bright eyes podcast by Aimee Meester is amazing  


 9. If you had to rename your blog, what would you call it?

A Wreck
 Ha ha. 
Seriously though.

 10. What would you want written on your tombstone? (Got this one from a biography where the girl said she wanted "She lived life to the fullest" written there. Something of the sort, friend.)

Nothing is written in stone

Just so that someone can laugh while walking past it.

11. You know you will die in one year. What do you want to do in that time?

My lists are way too long for just a year.

Finish all my projects.

Travel everywhere.

Meet the entire Dear Evan Hansen Cast.

Be a corpse on X -files, or a screaming extra.  

Change someone else's life.

Live every moment, leave nothing to chance

Swim in the sea, drink of the deep

Embrace the mystery of all I can be.

You know, simple things.

I seem to have run out of time, so if  you are interested please do this tag.


6 Sep 2017

Septemeber Footnotes

So once again it is time for a fabulous link-up  hosted by the ever clever Ashley and the world traveler Emily

The prompt for this month.

 A quotation that makes you laugh.

 I could say anything from a Diana Wynne Jones book, or most of the quotes from Raven Boys, but I feel like I am supposed to be more specific.

Practically everything Noah does is humorous.

Do this link- up, it's a blast!

30 Aug 2017

Twenty-Three Things

I will hopefully be blowing out my candles when everyone reads this post. Twenty-three years old, it hasn't sunk in yet of course. Except for the anvil, called adult responsibility that has been looming over my head since I hit twenty. I have dodged the bullet so far, but this year is probably when I should try to get it together,

I thought I would share twenty-three things I learned this year.

This song has been on repeat this whole year. 

1.  It's okay to not be okay (You don't have to pretend)

2. Something that's impossible for you, might be nothing to someone else. (remember that)

3. People's opinions really don't matter, and never will.

4. Don't squish yourself, the right people will like you as you are.

5. Wine is disgusting, any alcohol really. (stick to soda)

6. Loving the crap out of things is awesome. ( embrace the geek)

7. Rain and Tears are soothing.

8. Don't let anyone get you down.

9. Don't censor yourself (be kind, but say what you mean)

10. Meeting your heroes can be amazing! (Mitch Pileggi who plays Skinner on the X-files)

11. Sunlight can help a lot of things.

12. Don't be ashamed of the things that make you smile. (Buffy, Ed Sheeran's new album, Baby Driver, Parks and Rec, and musicals to name a few)

13. Be happy with the small things.

14. Family is everything.

 15. Coffee can turn a day around.

16. Sing show tunes in the shower (I rock Sincerely Me)

17. Twenty somethings don't know crap, we just pretend too.

18. Never grow up (Peter Pan has a great gig)

19. Friends can be forever.

20.  Sparklers are like stars.

21.  Take care of yourself.

22. Happiness is a choice.

23. You will be Found (This is an Evan Hansen reference)

 God and the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack got me through a lot this year, well mostly God.  It's getting better, I'm getting better.